Poumai Women condemns rape & murder attempt in Mumbai, demand justice

NTIMES 6JUL:  Senapati, 5th July, 2012: Strongly condemning the rape and murder attempt made on an innocent Poumai girl by two Naga youths in Mumbai some time back, the Poumai Naga Women’s Union has demand immediate justice for the victim and punishment of the two accused. The statement reads, “It is unfortunate and shocking to learn our own Naga sister has been attempted to rape, murder and denied justice”.

Such act of committing crime against our own people is condemned in strongest term and that, the PNWU demand the arrest and punishment of two accused identified as Ishmael Khayar from Longpi Khullen villages Ukhrul Dist. and Justice from Chingai villages Ukhrul Dist, Manipur. Their inhuman and shameless act of robbing off the chastity and modesty of their own Naga girl and displaying cheapest dignity of women should be condemned by all. The victim has been identified as Ms.Theresa of Liyai Khullen village under Paomata sub-division, Senapati District.

The PNWU also condemns the “immature and bias judgment” of Naga Students’ Union Mumbai (NSUM) who initiated a cheap and lenient compromise process to the heinous and inhuman crime. The organization will not recognize such judgment but react in all out efforts to book the culprits and deliver justice to the innocent victim. Poumai Women will not tolerate to watch butchering of it own women’s ignorance and innocence by flesh hungry beast.

The body while sharing the pains and inconsolable insults inflicted by the culprits, it also extends its solidarity and assurance to pursue for deliverance of justice to the victim and punishment to those accused.

Meanwhile, the Liyai Villages has also strongly condemned the attempt to rape and murder its own daughter by two Naga youths in Mumbai and has demand the concerned authorities to punish the culprits without leniency. Hornbill Express


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