TET form need to issue in Hill Districts

The Manipur Govt.  may need to face another consequence if TET forms are not issued in the Hill Districts. Can we find more incapable and immature Govt.like Manipur? Do they have no time to send forms to the Hill districts? Why they are in so hurry? Have they wake up only this month? When did they announce about issuing TET form? Why the forms were issued only for 4hrs 30min.in Imphal? Forget about the hill people coming to get the form from the hill districts, even the valley people wont get enough time to get the form in that limited time period?

The Govt.of Manipur should have consider both the valley people and in the Hills Districts so that the people in the Hill do not fell alienated and give more pressure to disintegrate the State. Due to their funny and immature governing, indirectly it can create misunderstanding, widen the gap of relationship, and hurt the people in the State. However, they should be responsible for any consequences in the future. Why the Govt. of Manipur have allowed to have TET exam in the Hill Districts in previous exam and why they are not issuing forms in the Hill districts this time? If it is difficult to have TET center in the hill districts, some people may be able to understand you but not issuing the forms in the Hill Districts is beyond one’s imagination and consideration. What is the main reasons for not issuing forms in the Hill Districts?

Is it necessary to appeal every time to the Govt. of Manipur even for a small matter like this? Is it necessary to call a bandh for this kind of small matter? Is it necessary to go and meet the Ministers for this kind of small matter? Is it necessary that the local MLAs and other bigger organisations need to involve to demand or solve the problem, which was created by the incapable and one-sighted Govt. ? Is it necessary that the students union leaders should be the mentor to the Govt. to work more smoothly? Are they no more mature and senior than the students leaders? If it is necessary then, they are incapable and immature to form and run a Govt.

As the Govt.have not made proper planning, analysis and understand the sentiments of the hill districts people, now they may need to reconsider their wrong approach and decision and accept the demand of the students unions or face the consequences.Infact, the Govt. had made a blunder by issuing TET forms and holding Exam in previous exam. and not doing the same this time.  Once you are given the facilities or opportunity, how is it possible to take it away easily? Impossible – it is the human nature and desire (universal truth) that human beings want comfort and have lots of infrastructures and facilities.
If the Govt.is not ready to issue TET form in the Hill districts, they should be responsible for any other untoward incident and problems.  Kudos to Senapati District Students Association (SDSA),  Kuki Students Organisation (KSO) and Zeliangrong Students’ Union (ZSU) etc. for taking up the issue. One should not take it otherwise and misunderstand for demanding the rights of the people in the hill districts, infact this is only out of genuine understanding and longing for peace and co-existence, the people in the hill districts are demanding.

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