Double Standard Life in Facebook

In a shopping Mall in Delhi, the manager caught some girls while trying to return the clothes after taking pictures to upload in Facebook. When the Manager asked, “Why did you take all these clothes?” The innocent and truthful girls replied, “We’ve taken these clothes to take picture and upload in our profile picture in Facebook”. But the Manager got wild and terminated them from their job. The manager may warn them but should have not terminated them but it is unfortunate for them again. This may be the first incident of its kind since the Facebook was launched in 2004 and it is amusing and interesting too. These girls want to show to their friends in Facebook that they always wear latest fashionable dresses. But the ironic is that it is no their dresses; took to Trial Room – wear the dresses – take the pictures and upload in Facebook.  They change their clothes when they leave the Mall but in Facebook, they live a different life.

Once one of my nephews told me that he and one of his friends went to a shopping mall – saw a very good shirt. But since he doesn’t have money to purchase – he just wear and took picture. Don’t you feel ashamed to do that? “I asked him”. But I feel sorry for him in my heart because he doesn’t have money to buy though he likes it very much.  Window shopping is one of the most boring things to do in my life but some people go for window shopping. They would also pick up some clothes and take it to Trial Room for trial even if they don’t have money. I believe that some people must be doing the same like what my nephew has done or for different reasons – one reason may be to upload in facebook –  other reasons may be to show to their friends or to come back and purchase later if his friends say, “it is looking good with that dress”

It is unethical and embarrassing that those Sale girls were caught by their Manager but this is not a ‘crime’. I think it would be more unethical for us to upload those girls’ picture in Facebook or condemn them severely because many Facebookers come to know the news when it is updated in Facebook. Today, the Facebook news are circulated much faster among the facebookers as they hardly visit any online news website but always busy updating their Status and commenting. I don’t say that what those girls have done was right or ethical. But it is amusing to read the comments of some Naga facebookers condemning those girls to the extreme as if they are worst than the criminal. For me, our girls running and dancing with the Black in the city for money is much more embarrassing and stupid than this innocent and truthful poor girls who are unable to purchase the good clothing for themselves and live like other friends.

This incident was also not related to immorality too; there are many other people who are worst than these poor girls – cohabiting in the city. Yes! Those girls taking picture with the latest fashion and tying to show to their friends clearly shows their double standard life. But, if those girls were rich and educated like other girls, they would never work in Mall and do such kind of thing. If those girls were mature enough – they won’t be caught or run after those good dresses. It is indeed very unfortunate that they were caught but this is not a crime.  They were caught only because of they were truthful and innocent. If they were not truthful and innocent, they would have never been caught as they can simply tell lies as, “we like these clothes and have taken to trial room for trial”. Some people said that they should live a real life – not a pretentious life. But many of us live more pretentious life than those innocent and truthful girls. Many of us talk like the Saints as if we have not committed any sin or do any mischievous thing in life – but we do. So this shows that we also live a double standard life – ostentatious life in public forum.

I do not encourage the girls to continue do the same but mocking and condemning them to the extreme is also unfortunate as it shows our double standard life only because you know that we are living in the same glass house. Today we may simply mock and condemn them but tomorrow it can be by you or your siblings. Let us take this incident as a LESSON for us to learn and not as an incident to mock and condemn very strongly. If we can practice in our real life and teach to our brothers and sisters and children what we are commenting in Facebook, our people and this World won’t remain the same anymore. BUT the ironic is that we always tend to live a double standard life – we hide our sin, ethical & immorality problem, won’t open the mouth or stand up to speak up the truth in real life but just love to judge and condemn other people in Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Double Standard Life in Facebook

  1. This is a moral crime as for my living performance!
    Even if those girl’s were given excuse…they will persue that way of life,pretending and acting in double standared live.
    Its good we know the fact and ya…..many girl’s that love to attract people through unfairmean should take a lesson from that accident.
    Becouse anything can’t be hide to our own satisfaction…..sooner or later”it will be film.
    Better to be honest and truthfull.
    What a pity accident….!!
    God speak them

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