Hate no your Virtual World Friends!

In this virtual world, you will come to meet your own father, mother, lover, best friend as stranger.  But this is how the virtual world is. You can’t trust everyone in virtual world but you can also trust your social networking friends more than your real world friends; some are more helpful than your real world friends.  As you continue to live longer in social networking like Facebook, you will come to notice many types of people around you.

Some people would come to visit and comment in some groups only once in a month or two with some intentions or even without intention. However, when they come, they would come like a flood and destroy the peaceful environment and leave other members speechless.  Sometime, they may be right but they are no always right.  I am sorry to say this but it seems some of those people have some hypertension in their life. Life is beautiful and there is no any reason to have hypertension or hate someone due to trivial issue and misunderstanding.

Hating someone is one of the worst thing in life to have and not one should hate anyone with or without reason. Some time, we may hate someone but the other person may never notice or feel in their in their heart. Therefore, I dont find any reason to hate someone in particular. Hating other person is one of the greatest loss in one’s life. Sometime, you may have misunderstanding with your friends and loved ones but it is only a natural phenomenon.When someone come like a flood in any group, do not loss your heart or take it otherwise. Sometime, I may be also very aggressive on some issues but it does not means, I have grudge on those people with whom I am discussing. There are some people who have very sharp memory to keep in their mind and they will recalls even those trivial issue also (never forgive and forget easily). But there are also some people who do not have good memory and they wont keep any trivial issue and misunderstanding with them (forgive and forget easily).

You may come like a flood but or Tsunami but many people will always understand you and me. Never take any misunderstanding in virtual world to your heart and develop hypertension and start hating other people. Your life is beautiful and it is not worth to hate someone you don’t like it in virtual world. Those who think that life is beautiful then their grudge and hatred should not hurt themselves. If you hate or have grudge on other people, you cannot work, eat or play peacefully.

Why should you and I hate someone whom we don’t like? I don’t have any reason or it is unworthy to hate someone whom I don’t like. But I can have the reason to hate someone whom I love. Why should we waste our time, energy and peace by hating someone we don’t love? If you really don’t like some one then you should never hate them. Hope, I am not talking something quite contrary.

Keep smiling! God loves you and understand you better than anyone does!

(This thought just came spontaneously to my mind in last one hour and I have just share with you all. If I am hurting anyone through this sharing, please do not hate me because it will only your own loss; I will be no responsible)


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