Implications of NNC betraying the nation through Shillong Accord

By: Kaka D. Iralu.:    18 Sep. 2012 12:39 AM IST

To begin with, the NNC is not an Angami Public Organizations or a Tenyimia Tribal Council. Far from it, the NNC was, and still is, the political institution of the Naga nation. This political institution was established by the Naga people on the 2nd Feb.1946. And as the political institution of the Naga people, the NNC submitted all the six important political memorandums to the departing British government before the Transfer of Power took place in August 1947. It also submitted all the ten important political memorandums to the incoming Indian government before India became a sovereign nation on 15th August 1947. The NNC also hoisted the Naga national flag on 14th August 1947.
These pre-Transfer of Power political documents and actions forms the basis and foundation of our Naga national rights to sovereignty and independence. These political facts and actions can also be defended in any international court of justice or law.
The NNC further conducted the national plebiscite on May16, 1951 besides authorizing the drafting of our Naga Yehzabo which led to the formation of our Naga Supreme Court on July 4, 1954 and the establishment of the Federal Government of Nagaland on 22nd July 1956.

In the light of all these facts, if the NNC has sold away the Naga national rights through the Shillong Accord of 1975, then Naga rights to nationhood stands nullified. It is finished. This also means that Nagas have themselves nullified their rights to nationhood. It also means that what the Indian Government through the treacherous 16 Point Agreement 1960 and also through its military might had tried to destroy but failed was finally destroyed by Nagas themselves.
Of course, it was not the NNC or the FGN which signed the Shillong Accord. Phizo also,- exercising his political wisdom-ignored the Shillong Accord. He however, made his stand and position very clearly in the Times (London) on Nov. 25, 1975 stating that he was never a party to the Shillong Accord. He also made his position and directives to his Vice President and Generals very clearly in the letters that he sent them after the ShillongAcord. In his letter to P. Venuh-the then Vice President of NNC, he had stated; “If the Indian Government thinks it has achieved something through the Shillong Accord, then let them first raise the issue and I will give them a befitting reply.”

Also, subsequent to all these events, and as a follow up to President Zashei Huire’s three paged rejoinder to the Shillong Accord (dated December 30,1975), the then Prime Minister Morarji Desai and Phizo’s met in London on June 14, 1977. (Please note here that the Prime Minister of India would not be meeting A.Z. Phizo, if the Shillong Accord had been ratified or accepted by either the Government of India or the Federal Government of Nagaland). After their meeting, these were Phizo’s Press Statement on Nagaland dated London, June 15, 1977. This statement was also read by most Nagas in Nagaland too. The statement went thus:

“…the President of the Naga National Council did everything humanly possible to resolve the long standing conflict with Indiathrough talks and avert further bloodshed…However, in the light of what happened, (Morarji’s statement that he would eliminate all Nagas who stood for Naga independence), the Nagas have no choice but to continue to fight for their right…”
But despite of all these facts, if some Nagas will still insist that the Tenyimia people and A.Z. Phizo had sold away Naga National rights through the Shillong Accord of 1975, let them go on shouting as long as they want. But let these Nagas also understand that if the Shillong Accord is the end of the NNC, then they have no political or legal basis to talk about Naga sovereignty or independence. All that these Nagas can do, is to forever wander on in the political wilderness of negotiating with the Indian Government for “Sub Nation status”, “Supra Nation status,” “ Shared Sovereignty status”, or even smaller still-”Integration of Naga territories under the Constitution of India.” NPN


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