Is Rishang Keishing one of the icons of the Naga Youth? Part I

(Some of the opinions shared by some Naga facebookers from 10th -20th May 2012)


“Rishang Keishing became one of the first Lok Sabha members in the year 1952. As a veteran Naga politician, what do people expect from him? Today, social networking is becoming a great platform where the people freely express their views from their heart without fear. Keishing has really worked hard to earn the present status in Indian Parliament and many people respected him. However, the many Naga people and national workers are not proud of him” 

Rishang Keishing

# What some of the Naga Facebookers said about him on his 60th Anniversary as a first Lok Sabha member? We have people who appreciate and proud of his great success as the first Lok Sabha member and we have also the people who appreciate and respect him as veteran politician but not for the Naga cause. Some of comments about him are given below but their names are removed to avoid their identity.

# Congratulation. I hope as a Naga, you will also find an important place within naga society. I think that would make someone more complete.

#All the Indians should be proud of!

#Congrates..60years is not a joke Mr.Keishing….Whats on your mind

# I would have been proud if he had spend all these years in the Parliament fighting for a just solution of Nagas Struggle…

# I can digest it when he is praised by his ‘adopted family’ members ;-).


# He and the other fellow from Nagaland who refuses to die are the enemy from within..

# atleast…..our names are known through HIM…..atleast in some mainland circles…….”something is better thn nothing”

# Btw what did he do????

# I think Ak is asking, What!!! besides selling the future of his grand parents, his father, mother, brother, sister, cousin, nephew, neice, grand children etc etc What else did R Keishing do for the Nagas?? I guess being the longest parliamentarian is no BIG deal.. Infact any NAGA who is ready to sell himself and his people can beat the record!!! provided he/she needs to live for 60 to 70 years maximum. And avoid assasinations!! :-)))  and stay in imphal valley most of the time!! hahahaha..

# Ha3… He looks more like a meetei too.

# Some of the guys here seriously need a Reality check

# nah nah nah……….if the nagas themselves doesn’t know abt thmselves how can we expect others????? thats the sad thing wether good or bad

# Pt@,,, y dnt you do something for GoI so that you wud also be honoured at the highest in the GoI’s throne..? You are such a prominent person among the loggers in Nagas histor lol

if ny1 prominent who wud like to be eminent in the Indian constitution should just have to do, write or say a statement that de-legitimate the Naga cause and join their head with the GoI’s deplomates to hach out strategies, policies and plans how to tackle with the Insurgencies of NE.. That way he or she would be shortlisted for such an honorary n recognition. Jai-hind! May 13 at 6:24pm via mobile ·

# A proud moment indeed for the Entire NE India

# John… what the hell!

# See the smirk on his face… inwardly laughing at us… “i gotcha ol by the balls” ha3

#Jo, i don’t dislike you for joining the indian army but i am not going to shed a tear when you are killed by your own fellow army friends while watching Criket or kabaddi on TV!! :-))) or they smash your guitar on your empty head!!! lolas…

# I guess he is a statesman on par with Muivah and enjoys enormous support within the Masses though not through intimidation and guns.

# poor joke…

# Pt@ Lol This is India and the Right people are fighting for the case.. I’m no less Indian than the Mayangs

# atleast he dont extort, kidnap, bully like the NSCN do :P

# If i am not mistaken this also happened when Jamirs picture was posted at Nagablog.. :-)))

# Lol… @pt…. he still doesn’t get it :)

# Guess there are an equal no. of supporters n opponents..But hell yeah, he is an inspiration to me and anyone against him is gonna face my music. Lol Right on the bulls eye,

# ‎DK@ “Heads off” to R Keishing once more. I like your slogan  ahahahhaha

# okay okay.. you guys win!! Lets build a statue of him at parliament or ukhrul. Find a spot D and J. :-)

# Without a head… As d@ would like it that way :)

# why in Ukhrul only.. His statues deserve to be in each n every corner of India.

#  hahaha…typo mistake. hats off thats wat i meant.

# no probs bro… You killed him. Too late. how can he survive without a head?

# Deal????? D and J.. If he is as popular as you guys say he is amongst Nagas and made sacrifices for us, I guess india and TNL will not object to his statue being erected at this places..

# P and D says it a “Typo mistake” hahaha

# but you seems to be a hardcore fan of nscn. :P

# Extra-ordinary achievement as a person and individual, he is all of 93 years old today,heard that he started his political sojourn as an MP at age 26 years, But his phenomenal political innings have not helped his district not even his own constituency benefited from his stints, very sad, and tragic for the national movements…..

# Peace out brothers.. Its nothing but jst a li’l bit of difference in opinion..

But he sure has made us proud..God bless him with health.

# When someone like me from Nagaland who has never been directly affected by the policies of R Keishieng cannot digest his deeds towards the Nagas of Southern Nagaland and his own tribe!!!! Am quite amazed that those who were effected and suffered for his political crimes can SALUTE HIM!!!

# lets discuss this at munirka. Lolz. I am heading towards munirka in a few mins. :P

# and D@ i know you didn’t meant me but just because a person is pro naga does not mean he is pro NSCN or NSCN IM..There is more to NAGA than NNC’s and NSCN’s.. Nor does it mean that just because am against india and her policies does not mean i am going to join the pro active NSCN’s..

# P@, you perfectly echos my sentiments buddy…………

#‎DK, I don’t a support a particular group. But when it comes to fight for our rights or in protecting our identity, i would give it all. Muivah and Isaak may not be good leaders but then we are not fighting for them,we are doing it for Nagalim.

# this man has not done anything for the Nagas. nothing to be proud of. all these years, he has been serving the interest of Indian state, that has given license to its army to rape and killed innocent people in Northeast India.

#dude i wat i mean s ….did u notice anythng he did fr da naga????to be spoecific sustainable…..???????

# Facial looks and deeds doesn’t match.

# He will be highly respected for what he has done against. All the best keishing.

# One of the most outstanding gentlemen coming from the naga tribe, successful both personally and professional, I congratulate and respect him on this day.

And for all those men who cannot reach his level of success, its okay if you abuse him from the back, it won’t matter to him at all, he won’t even know what all of us are writing here, coz he is above all this.

# R@io It matters.I have no doubt that some members of this group are well educated and highly placed in their respective societies.And that they can play an important role in bringing change and educating people that we should not breed this sort of powerful yet very harmful politician(s).Lastly i think you do not know the importance of social network. Some big and important revolutions are happening in India and abroad because of this.

# And why are you in this group at all if you think what we are discussing here won’t bring any change?

# He will never know that we don’t like him but neither will he that you are praising him as well

# I appreciate your knowledge on the “importance of social network”. :-))). In a social network, you can expect to meet people of different opinion, like in this case. So the best thing is you keep your opinion, and I will keep mine. Okay? If I respect someone for the good I see in them, I am not afraid but rather proud to express that. Yes P@, a part of him. Not the killer part, but the ability to plan and execute, thinking out of the box. If those talents were utilised for a different purpose, it would have been heroic. So be it Hitler or Osama, even if I can’t appreciate what they have done, I must admit that they had something ‘great’ in them, which was just misused.

# I am going against you because you respect or support.But what people discuss here does matter in a big way.And are you sure that this discussion will not impact him in any way?

# Wow wat a great leader,,, ! 60 years in the parliamnt with no identity!,,, n that too without any portfolio , just a member huh? Great yaar,,,

# R@ that’s exactly it. I didn’t notice anyone here saying they hated R keishieng. But i feel that being PROUD of him or Adolf Hitler or Idi amin is not very educated and learned of a person.

# I will conclude here with what I said about this man that I Respect Him for his Achievements as an Individual and a Professional who Pursued Politics as Career. Am sure he would have been successful in any other profession too if he had opted for alternative profession. Like we respect any other naga fellows who excel in indian government services like the IAS or Indian Army or any other. Having seen him only once or twice, my opinion about him is that he is one of the most polished gentleman, outstanding social mannerisms (they do reflect quality of a person), and a good team player, coz when its congress v/s any party I think he represents his polical party to the core, and when its about tribals and meties on state level politics, I think he is solidly rooting for his people , the nagas. That’s my observation, and therefore I respect him. Wish him many years of good health.

# haha..You’re misled, seriously misled.

# He opposed peace and unification process of Naga communities by leading a delegation to Delhi to block the extension on NSCN(IM) in Manipur.This just one out of tons of reasons that we call him a traitor.Now I have no doubt that you are against the struggle.

# Pro Manipur

# Wish if I were in his place… In his place,, I wud push thousand miles away the Naga political issue to arrive at the Junction of solution so that our Children could become an architecture of the Nation n I the foundation.

# do you respect and like him because of you have the same political agenda or because of you are ignorance about his political agenda? For me he is one of the most selfish politicians.

# I am a corporate executive and not a politician. So I neither have same or different political agenda. I have no political agenda. And if you understand my comments well, note that my ratings for him are not basis of any political agenda. It is on the basis of my judgement of him as an individual as a professional who is successful.

# I do respect your opinion on him. I just want to know only. Have a blessed day ahead.

# We should honour him unconditionally…As a human being he might have not fulfilled the will of the people in every angle..Nevertheless,we cant deny his outstanding success as a parliamentarian..Criticism is a part of the democratic society but at the same time we should also look at the greenery side of someone…

# There is difference between unintentionally and intentionally not

# He looks still strong!

# Our so called freedom fighters attempted his life two three time but God by His saving grace has still keep him alive. Praise the Lord!

# Icon of the Naga Politics .

# Waa… If we look to the the likes of this person as an icon of Naga politics,we have got a bright future.:-))))).

# List atleast one good reason why Nagas should endorse him.

# Well going by his age,he must be a fitness freak:-)))

# hats off to our Proud Leader!!

# Respect him, for his age as a senior citizen of the country but not with his poor quality performace…

# this is great achievement! hats off old man….and you pple who talking ill on his achievement “wats wrong with you guys”? does he harm anyone individually or Nagas over all….

# Great going guys! We must admit that he did well in his career. But how he achieved that stature is a question to some people here. Some people doesnt care which path you take to achieve your goal. Some people cares. If you reached your stature through an acceptable honest means- indicate your professionalism. If however, you are not honest it- indicates unprofessionalism. So to me I congratulate him on his success, but I need to find his relevance on nagas issues. I feel staying relevant to where one came from is important. This is what I feel at this moment. We must repect his age. It a gift of God.

# please stop the boys from fighting with each other. ;)

# Not is fighting here. Albert, I agree with u, regardless of contribution, let us respect him for his old age as a senior citizen.

# now i have seriouse question to those tangkhuls guys who talk nonsense on Rishang Keishing,specialy tangkhul who doesnt realise yet and think Muivah is super hero,Rishang keishing is God fearing man and do concern for Tangkhu,forget your individual benificiary schemes(myself doesnt gain any penny from his rulersip)…..e.g Jasami road which was strongly opposed by meitei community and still this very Mr Keishing open way from ukhrul to Nagaland Bcos this man knowns wat will happen in future for tangkhuls,today 83 days,42 so n so band happen in Manipur but doesnt effect tangkhul community..and biggest Rice godown of manipur center in ukhrul which was against by meitei,kuki communities but Mr keishing builded center and biggest rice goddown in ukhrul,he is from Phungyar constitute….let me be very honest here those Nagas reading my post im Tangkhul by birthday but not from Ukhrul…realy hate to see this small brain so called scholar who doesnt anythiny..

# Lol.Who thinks Muivah is a super hero? Forget about that Jessami and rice stuff.What has he done in his 60 long years of successful political career in the struggle of the Nagas?Struggle for our rights and identity precedes all those negligible development that he brought.And i hope you do not consider him as a superman. :)))))

#TR@..why do you expect contribution and solution of Nagas from Rishang Keishing who was elected as a candidate from India constitutitued,even Muivah n Issach who lead the struggle for past 60yrs doesnt bring any solution yet…..dont expect golden egg from four footed mammal ….Rishang served as longest MP in Lokshaba and indeed deserved award thn why all this critic n irrevelan comment on Award cremony is totaly bullshit …..if i were a CM,MP from india constitute honestly im helpless on Nagas issue bcos i”ll taking odd to serve country not Nagas issue…be logical man! his career on indian parliment why do you expect to fight lik Muivah or other freedom strugglers..

# Longest serving MP Vs development and his contribution for Nagas struggle in last more than 60yrs. The same Naga people having different priorities. Everyone is right in their own personal views but when it comes to common aspiration and dreams, there are lots of differences. Peace to all :)

# it seems tat u know evrting bout Nagas.yes we r ful,we hop tat Rishang wil definitly do smting 4 us.Coz he is ta person to fite on behalf of manipur as wel as 4 ngags…But ….

# I like him because he is Godly man though he is not very supportive to Naga Issue, everyone has there own living agenda and you have all freedom to do what you want, right? so why can’t he??? but we can pray for him that he will support as most of us want him to raise our issue….. God is miracle working God anything can happen.. kuknalim.

# asshole so far wat he did 4 d nagas he is too old i pray let him die soon

# He is humble n God fearing,n thus dis achievment.

# c keishing .fine he is a godly man… if he rely is than he would have known where hs he cum frm n hu is he…!!!!!!!!!!!! n c he hs ta ryt 2 2 wat he want…….bt jst imazin he hs serve ol his lyf as an mp……n dsnt raise our political issue instead he opposed it then wtf 2 u think he will raise te issue nw……i thnk he is damn selfish 4 his well being!!!!! tats ol i cn say guyssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

# We can bark,raise eyebrows,complain, ask wat he has done,shuda done dis done tat..a simple questn,ask urself wat hav u done 4 nagas.?

# he is great man …… Bt not 4 da nagas. S a naga, i respect him not s a politician becos he serves not my pple……i wsh he was born by a bihari, in delhi… So that he cud serve da indians in a btter way . Good to know that da indians r learnin to respect its leaders…. May rishang keishing njoy da day !!! cong8888zzzzzzzzzz

# at leastttt he changed chassad to kamjong chassad …it takes this much yr …good …..funny ….good..

# Guys the questions is. Does he raise to this stature by selling nagas? Well he might have help the community that has got nothing to do with the naga issue. The question here is- as everyone here in the group might be aware that since the naga issue is well known, there are high chances that there are business ones marketing the naga issues. Let us say, somes nagas are suffering. what would u do?

# dont knw much bout his politics bt if m not wrong Rishang Keishing is a member of parliament today cos he was defeated by the late Mr.Wungnaoshang Keishing who was strongly supported by the NSCN in state assembly essembly rite???? Otherwise who knws he might still be the CM of manipur today. So m sure the MLAs of the NSCN wud sure have look into their concern. He is not God ..jst one of us, very much a human being… ‎”election”

# Absolutely there is not relation between the service of Reishang Keishing and Naga Issue..Reishang Keishing serves within the constitution of indian whereas the Naga Issue is not within the constitution of Indian..Lets us try to introspect why some of our Naga Tribes are against the issue of Naga..As of today why “Ao,Sema,Poumai etc tribes are not with the Naga Issue”..My humble request is, before we talk of Naga Solution let us first build the unity within ourselves(Naga Brothers and Sisters)

# ‎????????????????? Ao Sema Poumai are not with Naga ISSUE!!! THATS BREAKING/SHOCKING NEWS.. K@

# LOL… Unity is indeed crucial.But right now you seem to be out of your mind,what are you smoking?? ROFL

# ‎”Ao ,Sema and Poumai are not with Naga issue”.Please provide us the whitepaper to a backward people like me. Sorry for being another St. Thomas to this.

# i wonder which tribes fall under the ETC ETC’s??? :-).

# Very sad to hear this bad news hahaha

# I don’t want to read whatever you guys have discussed under this thread, but I keep the faith that all the sons and daughter of the Naga soil must have abused this Indian stooge for making our cause more difficult by siding with Meitei in all his political career. Now finally he is dumped by Meitei and he find himself helpless even without any power to get cabinet seat for his only MLA son. He has nowhere to run, but crying over sour grapes for being the only loyal congress once from manipur even when all other duped him for Akoijam. This foolish man should be hanged by neck until death. He is the reason why the meitei thinks Nagas are after money and power.

# ‎”Ao,Sema and Poumai are not with Naga issue”.I’m still waiting for the proof.

# I have a high respect for Rishang Keising. He is a great person. So as a great person I was/am expecting from him that he will do something for the NAGA. :)

# let us hear from him. I don’t know if T@ is representative for Ao,Sema and Poumai.

Here, I want to boldly claim and say that we the Poumais are with the Nagas from the commencement of Naga struggle for self-determination. Today, if some of the Poumais are not with the Nagas, they are only the traitors. Using Poumai name does not means he or she is representing for the entire Poumai community. Let us hear from him, he must be having some things to say on “Ao, Sumi and Poumai are not with the Naga issue.

# Besides the three tribes he mentioned, etc etc also represents other tribes :-). Maybe my tribe Angami could also be one on his list! hahaha..If this statement was made by a prominent personality of acceptable intellectual and public standing, he would be in trouble BIG TROUBLE by now. But since its widely accepted that there are lots of local Naga nuts on facebook fit for the mental asylums, its better to just excuse this person who assumes himself to be a sort of spokesmen for multiple tribes!!

Continued in Part II


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