Do I have a problem?

By Thohe Pou

There are many problems and some of the problems are indeed a blessing in disguise.  Sometime we need to study and understand the nature of problems. Some of the problems affect in our life but some of the problems are blessing in disguise. In fact, what is the problem? Some time we may sub-consciously consider all the problems as problems. There are many problems that strengthen and mold you – help you to go through the furnace and bring out as pure gold. But there are also some problems that kill you alive gradually.

I have a friend who hardly talks anything against her friends. Once one of her elder sisters asked her, “why you never get angry even though your friends always gossip lots of bad thing about you?” “Let them gossip about me; it is fine for me as long as I do not do anything bad” she replied.  We have some people who always take emotionally and recollect them again and again those angers of the past. But, there are some people who do not keep any anger in their mind and heart.

There are some people who have the problem of recollecting the past events and angers. But there are some people who have very good memory and they would recollect everything in a second. More interestingly, they would always keep all the angers, grudge and wishful to take revenge all the time. Is there anything related to memory power, anger, grudge and wishful to take revenge? Why some people could easily forgive and forget others for their wrong deeds to them? Is it necessary to have sharp memory power to records all the angers, grudges and wish to revenge someone? If this is a necessity,  some people have the problem. However, if this is not a necessity – it would be a blessing in disguise.

As I begin to discuss and share my opinions in public forum in 2003, I have come across some people who always remember every word that hurt them but not the visions and good wishes of other people. However, this is one of the human nature that we tend to remember the bitter and forget the happiness and the blessing that we receive from others or from God. Which is easier to forget – the blessing or the hurts from other people?

Having good memory to recollect all the angers, grudge and willing to take revenge is something related to vengeful heart. It is more or less related to dirty and vengeful heart, which is dominated by some evils thoughts. There are also people who always remember all those events that angered them but they always wish to forget and forgive other people. Some time, I feel annoy with someone and want to shout to the top of my voice but then I used to cold down and pray that God may forgive him for he does not know what he is doing. I also used to pray that God may remove my irritations from my heart to avoid hurting myself.

One thing I came to know that not remembering those bad events that happened to me and no trying to hate or have a grudge on them is not my weaknesses but it’s only a blessing in disguise. One thing, I am also very clear that it’s just a waste of time and disturbed oneself to keep hatred and grudge on other people. If someone hurt you that is reasonable but why should you hurt yourself by keeping hatred and grudge on other people? You don’t deserve to hurt yourself by your hatred and grudge on other people deep inside your heart.

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