Rejoinder to Thepfulhouvi’s article

We don’t know whether Thepfulhouvi Solo is a political leader or a Religious leader and whether he is a scientist or a research scholar and further whether he is a journalist or a columnist.

We very often come across his Press write-ups in the local news papers. From his write-ups we understand his deep rooted hatreds and prejudices towards NSCN under the leadership of Isak Swu and Th Muivah. We firmly believe that he is getting a handsome wages from other groups and the Indian Intelligence agencies like IB, RAW etc.

If Thepfulhouvi Solo is educated and a responsible person as he is boasting of though his write-ups, he must mentally fit himself in the shoes of late AZ, Phizo SS Khaplang and Isak Swu and Th Muivah duo and make a logically reasoning who is who and who is what. Why AZ Phizo worked along with his Manipur Naga Colleagues for the entire Nagas?

And why SS Khaplang embraces in his claims, the Nagas of Nagaland, the Nagas of Manipur, the Nagas of Arunachal and the Nagas of Burma. Th Muivah, a Manipur Naga, according to his words, was elected as the General Secretary of NNC by his (Phizo) men during his presidentship. Thepfulhouvi should apply his mind while writing and speaking. He should subscribe constructive opinions and not destructive or obstructive ones.

Further, Thepfulhouvi should ponder and understand why the political negotiations between the Government of India and the NSCN take such a long and tortuous time. The NSCN leadership has the points in hand which he is hypocritically apprehensive of. The NSCN leadership will not back down from which is   reasonable and honorable.

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Courtesy: EMN


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