Rights of Nagas of Myanmar should not be ignored

Thom Thingnong (Lainong), central council member, NSCN (K)
Published on 17 Feb. 2012

It has been learnt that, Dikhu and Chindwin River are known as excluded areas (free Naga), but now it has been brought with togetherness of the Naga inhabited areas and peoples and was struggling for Naga sovereignty. Nagas of Myanmar as base area where Isak, Muivah, Khole and Kitovi were also stayed at Naga base area. After 50th years of its existence, in the history of Naga national cause, the rights of Nagas of Myanmar should not be ignored and betrayed as pure Myanmar. Who is the responsible of claiming, ignoring and betraying the rights of Nagas of Myanmar?

This cannot be tolerated by the Naga nation and will mark in their children’s generation. When am under the military basic training since from 1976- 78 at China, was it that time, only the Nagas of India has been settled? We all together of Nagas of India and

Myanmar were settled as Nagas. His Excellency SS. Khaplang, has been leads the peoples during the NNC period and till now he is the leader of the Naga sovereignty. Therefore, the Naga people should know that we don’t have any international boundaries issues like, Saramati range and Patkai range, where the Naga people have no knowledge and concern about such issues and claims which is highly ‘unacceptable and questionable’. The Naga sovereignty is one goal and achievement of the Naga people.


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