Liangmais to celebrate Chagah festival this month

Come October end and the Liangmai community will showcase its colourful cultural items when the community celebrates the Chagah.

Chagah is the most important traditional festival of the Liangmai community where the festivity drags on for five days. Showcasing of cultural items marks the occasion.

The Liangmai community, as of every year is busy preparing for the day which falls on October 30.

This year’s Chagah festival will be celebrated in Imphal. Otherwise, the festivals were done in the past years in the community confinement at Tamei for the Liangmais of Manipur.

Traditionally speaking, the Chagah festival is perhaps a ‘war’ festival and during this festival those male folks get sanctified themselves in preparation for the war.

However, the modern days Chagah festival is devoid of such practice but focus more on cultural aspects with colourful dances and feasting call it a day.

This year’s Chagah festival is the first to be done in the state capital Imphal and it is expected that those alien to Liangmai cultural items will have their day.

Liangmais from the hills in large number are expected to take part in the mega event where elaborate arrangement to accomodate the participants have begun.

By tradition, it is a five-day affairs but in modern days the celebration is more of a culture-promotion initiative rather than strict rituals as it used to be.

Liangmai community mostly confines in Tamenglong district of Manipur and Peren district of Nagaland.

Chagah festival is also celebrated in Dimapur, Peren, Tening and elsewhere on October 30 every year.

Of late, the revival of Chagah festival has become more pronounced and hence the spirit of Chagah reveling is here to stay, kudos to Liangmai culture icons like Adibo Newmei, K Daimai, Thiusongbou, Takiubou, Khawangbou, Dr Hunibou, Nampibou, Tunchapbou, N Lunkinbou, Tariseng and others. TSE


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