First Among the Naga Women, Manipur

  1. Here is the few first names of Naga women in Manipur who are found to be holding the first record (subject to correction).


    1. First Freedom fighter: Ms Rani Gandinliu2. First MBBS: Ms Pamleiphy Shaiza 1958 (Frist MBBs among all women, Manipur) Retired as Deputy Director, Medical Dept. Manipur.

    3. First registered Nurse and to become Nursing Superitendent : Ms Thinengla Vashum (Thomas)

    4. First Matriculate: Ms Pamleiphy Shaiza (she is also the first MBBS)

    5. First Woman Pastor: Ms Shiningla Keishing, Pastor Bungba Khullen, Baptist Church, 1941-1943

    6. First Woman annouceer in AIR: Ms Ayung Raikhan, AIR Imphal, 1963

    7. First Direct MBBS: Dr. Angamla Zimik, from Bhopal Gandhi Medical college, 1966

    8. First B.A.; Ms Alice Shaiza, passed BA in 1964

    9. First IAS : Ms Christianson Raikhan, 1975 (year to be confirmed)

    10. First IFS: Ms Primrose Raikhan, 1976

    11. First nominated MLA: Ms Shiningla Keishing, 1967-72

    12. First Military Nursing service: Col. (Ms) Paishola Keishing, joined in 1962, 1988, retired in 1992.

    13. First Air hostess: Ms Lungshimla Keishing, 1975

    14. First Advocate : Ms Chanmoyo Jajo, 1983

    15. First PhD : Ms Ashikho Henia, JNU, 1975

    16. First to contest MP election: Ms Valley Rose Hungyo, 1989

    17. First Elected MLA : Ms Hangmila Shaiza, 1960

    Source: Raisunriang (Newslink), Naga Women’s Union, Manipur, First Issue. 24-27 Oct.1995


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