Nagas Need More Thinkers

All the great men in this world are great thinkers. All of us have the brains to think. However, many of us think less and do things more hastily… As a Naga, I know better about Nagas and I want to emphasize this on our Naga people. I appreciate our great Naga thinkers who were trying to bring all the Nagas under one administrative unit. Nagas are very sincere and industrious by nature. But this sincerity and industrious nature is gradually being lost in this century…

I’ll be in a state of panic if our youngsters resume to divert from this trait. The future of the Nagas looks very gloomy if that is the case. There are many problems in Nagalim in the field of economic development, infrastructure, education, disunity, self-employment etc. We may conveniently blame all the problems on the state and central government or our Naga leaders. However, I find that our Naga people need to think more and examine ourselves.

Do you ever think of why you never think deeply? Do you ever ask question why you never ask questions? Many of our Naga youngsters are crazy after money, fashion, modern life style, drugs, alcohol and easy going life without thinking about what to do next. The recent survey in November 2004 in also shows that 83.7% of the people voted that Nagas are becoming more materialistic and 14.07% said “No” and only 2.2% voted as “Can’t Say”. No doubt, the Nagas have very good brains to think about our present situation and future but it is a matter of functioning or proper utilization.

Researchers say that the neurons of the brain are disconnected when it is not in use. When we think more frequently, our brain system begins to work faster. Why is it that many of us never think, ask questions, analyze, deliberate or examine? Is it due to our innocence or ignorance? I don’t have the statistical figure but more than 90% of the Nagas never think deeply about their lives. How many of us never think and raise the question- why, how, when, where, what, which etc… before we do something or after finishing the task? How many of us think and ask questions?

Having negative questions cannot bring any good solution. However, positive questions and thinking will enhance our chances of success or work out things for the better. Instead of thinking or asking a negative question like “Why am I not good in that field?..”, lets change our negative question to a positive question, like “How can I be good in that field?” How many of us take time to ponder? A positive thinker will never go astray from the main stream. Many of us are complacent with our little resources, success or whatever we do. There is not much competition because there is no power to think.

I was in Delhi for 6 years and now in Pune for 6 years. I had met many Naga friends in Delhi and Pune. I am also in touch with many other friends in other cities and metropolitan cities. As far as my knowledge is concerned, I find that many Naga students are not doing very well in their studies especially the Nagas from Nagaland state. Many of our Naga friends from Nagaland state have better financial background as compared to the Nagas in Manipur and other states. However, when it comes to thinking and studies, the Naga students from Manipur think more and work harder than the Nagas from Nagaland state. If this continues, we will find the differences in intellectuality in our society after some years.

The future generation of the Nagas is very gloomy at this rate of thinking power and insincerity in their work. Do you know when people cease to work sincerely or go to wrong track? It is simple. The positive thinkers will never go out of the main track. A positive thinker will continue to run in the right track. One of the greatest problems in Naga society is that we are always complacent with what we have and hardly think, reason and rationalize. Since we are now in the 21st century, its high time that we the youngsters need to think and reason what we are doing today. The future society of Naga people will be depending on our present students. Today many Naga students are diverting from their culture of sincerity and industrious nature.

Besides the students, most Nagas lack in thinking and reasoning. It is high time- to think, analyze and rationalize whatever we do. Let us not be complacent in whatever we do today. Complacency and not thinking is the greatest enemy in a man’s life. Learn to think- how to think, when to think, why to think, which one to think, where to think. We can think even while eating or working. But it will be very good to keep a specific time to think or ponder in a quiet place with fresh mind. If we have time to eat and enjoy with our friends, can’t we spare some time to think?

The future generation of the Naga society will be bright if we the youngsters learn to think. I was not a thinker and even now, I don’t profess to be a great thinker. But I do think, analyze, ask questions, rationalize and examine many a time. There are still many youngsters who never think of anything. Most of them are simply enjoying and wasting their parent’s money.

Many foreign and Indian writers say that the Nagas are magnificent people – humorous, hospitable, cordial, sincere and hardworking. Even the Naga scholars write the same. It is a fact that the Nagas are fun loving people, sincere and industrious. However in this 21st century, the Nagas have undergone many changes leaving their good, inherent qualities. Many Nagas have ceased thinking. We need revival in our thinking otherwise I see only a pathetic picture in the future of Naga society. Let us think why we hardly think and think more for the betterment of our Naga society.

@thohepou 06/02/04



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