Rejoinder to why was Phizo’s body brought to Nagaland,

On Phizo’s body being brought back to Nagaland
Niketu Iralu.: 16 Oct. 2012 2:14 AM IST

Writing on “Why was Phizo’s body brought to Nagaland?” (14.10.’12), Thepfulhouvi Solo mentioned “The Government of Nagaland and Indian High Commission at London gracefully offered to transport the body to Nagaland “. 

It would be in order, indeed a fair thing to do, to put on record the role played by Rajmohan Gandhi to help in getting the speedy clearances the Naga delegation that had reached Delhi needed to proceed to London to bring Phizo’s mortal remains back to his homeland.

Rajmohan Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and C Rajagoplachari, was a Member of the Rajya Sabha. When he was approached for advice and help he immediately talked to VP Sing, the Prime Minister of the newly installed Janata Party Government, Mufti Mohamed Syed, (my spelling of the name may be wrong), the Home Minister, and I K Gujral, the Foreign Minister. 

They asked “What about the law and order angle should Phizo’s body return to his people at this time?” Rajmohan said to them the Nagas should mourn the loss of their leader exactly as they wished. There will then be no law and order problem for anyone to worry about. But if Delhi ended up delaying or preventing his body being brought back for them to give him the mourning they believed he deserved, he said Delhi then would not be able to control the situation in Nagaland. Clearance was immediately given.

The foreign exchange clearance required also had to be cleared immediately. Rajmohan went to see Professor Madhu Dandavate, the Finance Minister, at his residence at 5 am the next morning and got that also cleared instantly. The delegation was able to catch the British Airways flight the same evening to London.

Kuldip Nayar, India’s High Commissioner in London, frequently called the Nagas to know if he could assist in any way. 
When the Nagas with Phizo’s body returned to Delhi in the very early hours of the morning some days later, Rajmohan Gandhi was at the airport. After standing in silence by the coffin for a moment, he told the Nagas, “I have come to pay my respects to the hero of the Nagas returning to his people”. NPN


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