Expecting Recognition and Problem

By human nature, man wants to be recognized by others however, many people snub to appreciate and recognize the good deeds of others. We cannot and should not always seek to be recognized and appreciated by others in whatever we do. Let other recognize what you do but seek not to be recognized by other. There are many people in this world who are doing many great things for others nevertheless we fail to appreciate and recognize them.

What if other does not recognize you what you have done or contributed? There are many people who always seek to be recognized by others. The people who always seek to be recognized in whatever they have done cannot do well any work. When others do not recognize them – they start to develop negative thought and attitude. They are disappointed and sad. A sense of inferiority complex and jealousy develop in their heart. They have self-pity in their heart that they are snub by other people. I have a friend who always wants to be recognized and appreciate by others. But when other fails to recognize what he does, the always seek compliments and recognition and when other fails to recognize his works – he cease to act and gloomy.

Do you feel dismal or depress when others do not recognize your work? If you are – it needs to change your perception; if not other people may no recognize your good deeds, work harder to make better the whole system. Let it be – whether others recognize your work or not, resume doing your work and what you dream for – for you are the only person who can achieve what you dream. The people who need recognition and appreciation in whatever they do easily lose their principle, determination and discourage. The workers who work depending on others recognition cannot work sincerely. Some time other people fail to recognize others good deeds. Some time we may be right but due to poor vision or selfishness – others may not recognize what you are doing today. However when you continue to do and bring out good result – they will not only recognize you but also give you the incentives in different ways.

Some time man is very selfish. They withhold to express the appreciation but a sincere worker will never lose the zeal to success in life. Failing to recognize by others – some people start to ponder – why I am not recognizing by others when I have done better than others? It is good to question but the negative attitude cannot bring sweet fruit. Those who always want to be recognized are easily flattered by others. It is always advisable to work hard regardless of others recognition. The sincere and devoted workers toil without any expectation from others, while the insincere and not devoted workers work with great expectation to be recognized in whatever they do. So in failing to be recognized by others – they develop a negative attitude.
Do you deserve to be appreciated and recognize by others in everything what you do? Of course not! However there are some people who have the attitude to show off in whatever they do. I am not trying to say that we should not ignore others recognition. We need to be recognized by others in whatever we do. However always seeking to be recognized and based on recognition – if we do our work – we can never succeed in life. You have got good friends – who always encourage you to work harder – the friends who always discourage and pull down. So if you always seek recognition and appreciation, instead of appreciation and recognition by others – you will be landed with great disappointment.

I have got another friend who had failed many times in his student life due to some unseen reasons. However, he is always optimistic to reach his goal some day. He hardly bothers others’ observation, perception and criticism. The problem with the people who always seek recognition is easily fails in their lives. All the people who always seek appreciation and recognition also expect from others to react the same or do the same whatever they have done for others. For instance, if they give a treat or help some one, they also expect from others to get treat from others or any kinds of support according to what they have done to others.

To work regardless of others’ appreciation and recognition does not mean ignoring others’ recognition. Our works need to be recognized by others else what ever we do is worthless. Always work hard to achieve you dream and goals but avoid seeking others to be recognized your work and working based on others’ recognition. If you always seek the approval and recognition from others the result may be many times bitter.


@Dr. Thohe Pou 2007


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