Khaplang group against piecemeal solution

DIMAPUR, Oct 16: The S.S. Khaplang headed NSCN faction has said today that it can never accept a piecemeal Naga solution. The NSCN-K asks that nearly 30,000 lives of the Nagas had lost in the 70 long years fight protecting their ‘motherland’ and what if it ends up in a piecemeal solution? The NSCN-K then said it does not recognise the Joint Legislature Forum (JLF) floated by the 60 MLAs of Nagaland legislative assembly to push for the expedition of the ongoing talks between the NSCN-IM and New Delhi.

Issuing a press communique to Newmai News Network today, the NSCN-K while dismissing Nagaland Home minister Imkong L Imchen as “nobody” when comes to Naga issue, said “No matter how much he may try to gain his political mileage out of the issue he will never succeed for everybody knows what he is and who he is.” Imkong L Imchen was one of the 20-member JLF delegation to New Delhi currently c

amping in New Delhi. Nagaland home minister Imkong L Imchen had reportedly stated yesterday that neither the NSCN-IM nor the government of India had signed any sort of agreement to settle the issue within the Constitution of India.“Judging from the Imkong’s statement, he seems to be very much part of the ongoing negotiation (a party of IM or GOI) as the matter has to be clarified to the general public either by the NSCN IM or by the GOI,” said the NSCN-K today. The NSCN-K then said the Indo-Naga issue is dragging on for more than 60 long years due to the insincerity of the government of India and its agencies who tried to crush and suppress the Nagas with its military might for the last six decades.

“But on realising the futility of military exercises, New Delhi hesitantly concluded that military might alone cannot solve or suppress the Nagas’ determination for self rule hence, ceasefire was finally signed much to the delight of the military generals who have all along been telling the rulers at the echelons of power seats that only political negotiation could bring about a lasting solution.

Therefore, now the talk of 15 long years of negotiation is not the issue, the Naga issue is not about 15 years but it is about 70 long years leading to the loss of nearly 30,000 brave Nagas lives protecting their motherland. This is only for Naga public awakening of what is going on and what is going to happen to the Nagas if all those lives lost in their fight for their freedom ends up in a piecemeal solution.

As such, the NSCN once again reminds and reiterates its stand before the people that it will never be a part of the ongoing murmurings of the so-called Joint Legislature Forum (JLF) of the so-called Nagaland state,” the NSCN-K stated. -THE


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