Need for comprehensive biography on Phizo

Along Longchar, Mokokchung.:    17 Oct. 2012 12:50 AM IST

The article ‘Why was Phizo’s body brought to Nagaland’ by Thepfulhouvi Solo on Sunday’s edition of Nagaland Post was quite an enlightening read. I heard about the funeral of Phizo at Kohima from my aunt and uncle who attended the funeral in Kohima, and I also heard them talking about the rainbow and the chain of people who stood on the road to welcome the deceased leader home.
The article by our respected writer Thepfulhouvi Solo poignantly shed some light on the behind the initiative of our leaders in those troubled times, and as a young Naga youth I cannot help but admire the courage of our leaders and the Naga public in finding hope in times of hopelessness. I am sure that our leader AZ Phizo was accorded the respect he deserved and his name will live on forever in the hearts of the Naga people forever.

The article was of a different kind and it shed light on a different aspect on the Naga political life. But the thirst for more still lingers, therefore, I would humbly like to request our senior citizens especially the likes of Thepfulhouvi Solo, if they can write about the life, the attitude and the person that Phizo was. Most Naga youth never got the opportunity to meet Phizo or feel endeared to him. The information about him is just second-hand narration from the seniors who could meet him from time to time. But, the narrations are mostly about Naga politics and the like, simply because Phizo and Naga movement are quite synonymous. However, I feel it would be nice to know the person that Phizo was – as a man, a father, a husband and a leader.

I wish there is a comprehensive biography of Phizo detailing his life, not necessarily his involvement in politics; surely politics was just a part of his life, not his life. I feel his life story would serve as an inspiration for many a young people the world over, after all, if the life story of leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler etc could inspire, surely this seemingly unassuming man AZ Phizo have a story that would inspire.

I have a deep feeling that Phizo has a story to tell to the younger generation, not a political one but a story about how to be a man and woman of character, and to stand up for what one believe is right. I hope our senior citizens would one day write a book about narrating the emotions, the thinking, the everyday life of Phizo so that the legacy of our leader would live on and continue to inspire, maybe not in political terms, but maybe inspire to be man and woman of worth.  -NPN


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