NPO for checking of illegal immigrants

NTIMES 19OCT: NPO for checking of illegal immigrants

Senapati, 18th October, 2012: Taking serious note of the alarming slipping in of illegal immigrants and non-locals into Senapati in the wake of checking and booking of illegal immigrants in Imphal valley, the Naga People’s Organization (NPO) has called for preventive measures to check such inflow in Senapati District. A statement issued by the apex body has confirmed that, in the disguise of daily wage earner, items dealers, job-seekers, construction workers and other professions, many illegal non-locals suspected to be Bangladeshi immigrants has sneaked into the District especially in Senapati District H/Q areas.

It stated that, such development in the District is concerning and alarming. In recent months the increasing cases of non-locals involved in economical activities and criminal offences has increased. The need for checking and preventing the inflow of illegal immigrants is seriously recommended to the concerned authorities, it added.

According to NPO, it has earlier issued a public Directive issued on 8th July, 2011 with memo no: NPO/II/PC/2/2011 which states that, any landlords renting their house should first obtain character or domicile certificate from their tenant, failure which the landlord will be directly responsible for any activities committed by their tenant. In this regard, the NPO has directed to all the sub-ordinate local bodies to strictly impose the directives. Hornbill Express


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