Any solution with NSCN-IM will be a mockery: NSCN-K

DIMAPUR, NOV 1 (EMN): Stating that there can be no solution without its involvement, the NSCN-K said any solution arrived at with the NSCN-IM will be a ‘mockery’.

The MIP of NSCN/GPRN in a release issued by its secretary Sangso Mongzar Naga today said the Government of India should realise that the NSCN-K under the leadership of SS Khaplang will only solve the Naga problem ‘bringing the full stop solution to the long standing Naga issue’.
The release also said the NSCN-K is capable of bringing the solution not only for the Nagas but also for the entire North East.
Terming as unfortunate for the Naga people to condemn the only mandated political institution, the NNC, only because of few people signing the Shillong Accord, the NSCN-K alleged that NSCN-IM chairman Isak Chishi Swu and general secretary Th. Muivah instead of taking action against the signatories of the accord not only condemned the mandated political institution but also started killing thousands of Nagas accusing them of being Shillong Accord supporters.
“The killing of the national workers charging them of Shillong Accord supporters multiplied the factions and today we have more than 10 factions which are the product of Isak and Muivah,” it said.
Stating that the situation could have been far better had the GoI encouraged ‘Naga talk rather than IM factional talk’, the NSCN-K said after almost 15 years, the GoI has now realised that with one faction there can be no Naga solution which seems too late. “If Isak and Muivah are accepting the Indian constitution for their factional solution, the spirit of those victims killed under these two leaders on account of Shillong Accord will surely haunt them,” it added.
Further, asserting that the Naga national movement for Independence will continue to survive under its strong arms, the NSCN-K said it can only give political benefit to the GoI which nobody can give.
The NSCN-K also claimed that it is capable of solving the entire North East problem and therefore, the GoI should realise it and act accordingly.
Stressing on the saying “Hit the iron while it is still hot”, the NSCN-K said it is the friend of entire NE revolutionary groups of people who are fighting for their own rights. The relationship between the NSCN-K and the other likeminded NE revolutionary fighters will continue till carving out of entire NE region into a single nation, it asserted.
Also, alleging that rival GPRN/NSCN ‘enjoys’ their breaths/oxygen from the GoI without which there is no question of their survival, the NSCN-K opined that if the GoI wants to strangulate them, it will be done within 5 minutes time.
“In short, the survival of Khehoi campers depends on India’s hand, without India’s help they cannot survive for 5 minutes time,” it said.
The NSCN-K also said the rival outfit whose oxygen is in India’s hand should not speak like a big people because they are not real fighters.
If by chance the ceasefire is abrogated by the GoI, there will not be a single man in ‘Khehoi camp’ who will go back to the jungle to fight back for Naga independence, the NSCN-K said.
Predicting perishing of the rival group if the ceasefire with GoI discontinued, the NSCN-K said it will survive for thousand years even without cease fire with any country like before.
It further said the GoI should realise that it will get nothing from the rival outfit who is surviving at her (GoI) mercy, adding that there is no question about that.


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