Naga national government

Rev. V.K. Nuh.: 5 Nov. 2012 1:11 AM IST

The Naga Concordant is another Naga Covenant which read; “having reconciled on the basis of historical and political rights, the top Naga leaders have agreed that the Nagas are One. Therefore in pursuance of this agreement, the following signatories have resolved in principle to work towards the formation of One Naga National Government”.
This covenant is crystal clear that Naga cannot be divided by any means of the four letters. Naga is just like Isreal giving name by God. It was not chosen by people as Naga. No political party or organization have ever right to discriminate other Naga. They were not immigrant but they were in this land for many centuries. No other race, nor political power neither religion were disturbed them. Except that Great Britain annexed some part Nagaland into their empire and ruled for 70 years in Naga Areas.

The year 1947 will be always remembered as a historic year for Asia as it was the year when the British decided to give up her empire. Since there was not much time left for the Naga people to make contact with the concern authority, Nagas are left to the Indian without consulting Naga people. However, Naga people having their own right they hoisted their National Independent flag on 14th August which is one day ahead of Indian. On the same day they send cable to Secretary UNO. From 1947-1952 the Naga tried their best to please India in order to avoid War. Nagas have done what they could and what follow thereafter now a matter of history.

The case of the Naga is a case of Invasion. It was a war and not a political issue. Indian authority says their troops already moved into Tuesang by October 1955 and the war with Naga started from then (B.N Mullick, the then Chief of Indian Intelligence. My years with Nehru-1948-1964 p.308)

According to Khriesanisa, Kedahge, Federal Government of Nagaland reported that since 1955 many Nagas have been killed mercilessly by the great Indian Armed Force within the year from 1955-1956. The more accumulation of things had been left unchecked where the following figures of things have been duly checked up to date.
26,556,000 mound of paddy rice have been burnt down and destroyed by the Armed forces. 9,60,000,000 Rupees worth of things have been lost through fires. Out of 852 Naga villages 612 villages were burned into ashes.

It further stated that, if your wife is kicked do death, daughter raped, father and mother were burnt alive, houses and gain stores were burnt into ashes, brothers is beaten and made crippled. What will you do?

That answer is our answer who are yet alive. By Hoponse, Khriesanisa, Tolhopu and Weha Kilonsers of FGN on 22nd March 1956. It was acknowledged by Indian authority statement paper in 1958. After three years later Republic of India realized their mistake and soon they set up Puppet Government against the Naga National Council inspiration of plebiscite 1951.

According to Dr. S.C Jamir in his write up about Road map of Naga Political Solution, he made his point that, “One mark difference between the old generation and young generation is that former were concerned with the root of the matter whereas the present day descendant seems to be concerned with the fruit”.

He is the lone survived who signed sixteen point agreement of Naga people convention. He knew all the past failure of Nagas who were hunting for fruit. But now he realized his ancestors’ value and the gift of God. The man who wrote “Bedrock of Naga Society” had corrected himself and turns to a new way of life. We are happy to seem elderly people who can guide Naga new generation and try to correct to a right track who have seen all the past mistakes and look for right perspective of Naga future.

He said, “Any agreement between the Nagas and the government of India should be based on the recognition of the genuine political inspiration and urge to the Nagas people, and thus it should be honorable to all sections of Naga heart return to their respective home as heroes but not villain. And for the secret mission all agencies even including churches should do everything possible to generate an idea environment in Naga society in the spirit of Christian love compassion”.

After 50 years lapse puppet government had tired up dancing with foreign tune. She wanted freedom now and when the Government of India pulled the string puppet she refuses to jump to it by saying “We want political solution not election”. This new message must be accepted by the Naga people which everyone should support. But wait a minute, how could 60 MLA’s (JLF) forgotten supreme sacrifices of last 70 years of Naga Patriots whose bone are yet to bring back at home. How could they forget Naga concordant of Naga National Government Covenant and support only one faction. If they have political vision, they should honorable and acceptable solution by Naga from all walks of life.

Whether one believes or not, Naga national government was born and came into existence through divine revelation from God and many believers’ Prayers supports. FNR worked hard for 4 years in obedience of God and found out no alternative and proposed one government and accepted by the National Workers so that collective Leadership will gain people support. But now Naga National Government is not at work. Only NSCN (IM) group is negotiating with Government of India and it will be difficult to find out landing ground without taking confidence of all political groups. Naga are grateful to NSCN (IM) Leadership Th.Muivah and Isak Chishi Swu for their courage and abilities to build up national stand before the world. But for final political issue is with the people and they cannot throw out other factions who also sacrifice to their best for the same issue. History will not forgive us f we forget their sacrifices.

Today the whole sale of Naga people point of view is all that all factions must sit in negotiation table with mutual respect and understanding, so that there will be no broken hearted for the new generation. In this we need national leaders, not factional leader.
Now the ministry of home affairs, Government of India made a statement on 30/1/2012 in Telegraph paper that, “A final settlement would subject to all factions come together”. If the Indian political leaders have political will to settle Naga political issue pending for 70 years then Naga must prepare to unite under Naga National government and enter Interim government provided not surrendering Naga Covenant Plebiscite of 1951 of NNC.

Our task now is not to fix the blame for the past, but to fix the cause of future John.F.Kennedy.

Nagas ways of life: Suppose you stood in your home market and shout that the Lord has accusation to you people who live in this land “Do not bring your offering money in your worship place, it will not make you good. You will not find God, he has left”. What will be the crowd reaction? They will just laugh and say mind your business.
Similarly you shout to Naga elite society and say Naga will get Sovereignty, what will be the reaction, people will just say what nonsense this fellow is talking about, forget about it. Leave him alone.

A permissive society allows lots of things but it will not permit criticism. This is our way of life. The Bible says “Israel sins and guilt are on record, and the records are safely stored away. Isreal has a chance to live, but it is too foolish to take it- like a child about to born who refuse to come out of the womb “Hosea 13:12. But the same Prophet Hosea gave them new life and said, I will be to the people Israel Like rain in the dry land, They will blossom like flowers they will be firmly rooted like the tree of Lebanon They will be like olive with new growth And beautiful like olive tree They will be fragrant like the Cedars of Lebanon. Hosea 13:5&6 courtesy: NPN


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