Naga political news observation and analysis


The UNC opposed the ADC election and declared as null and void. They have also declared as severed tie with the Govt. of Manipur and they have started demanding the Alternative Arrangement for the Nagas in Manipur.  The triparte talk was held earlier in Senapati with the UNC leaders, the Govt. of Manipur and the central Govt. In last Manipur General Election NPF won four candidates. However the political election can’t decide the future of the Naga people as the NPF does not necessarily represent the whole Nagas but only taking the initiative to unite the Naga people through a political party.

The Supra State Body news published in Seven Sisters Post spread like a wild fire and many people heart were awakened. The opposition party to Supra State body protest in Imphal but when the GOI denied giving the news to Seven Sisters Post and the NSCN-IM leaders not opened their mouth smoother the fire gradually. In course of time, people start to settle down in their own business – the NSCN-IM leaders went back to Delhi to resume the peace-talks. As usual peace-talks going on for last 15 years, gradually people start to loss excitement on peace-talks news till the Joint Legislative Forum, Nagaland waked up the mind and heart of the people.

The Joint Legislative Forum (JLF) consist of 60 MLAs in present Nagaland State going to Delhi to plead and pressurize the GOI to speed up the peace-talks is good sign of unity and hope for the Nagas to return peace in Naga land. Both the ruling and opposition party jointly working together to pressurize the GOI to speed up the peace-talks is beyond one imagination. Many Naga people might have not expected the veteran Naga politician like Dr. SC Jamir  and Rishang Keishing to join with  the main stream Naga people and support the ongoing peace-talks. However, Dr. SC Jamir joining with the ruling party and supporting the Peace-talks in Delhi boosted the Naga leaders to work together more unitedly to bring an honorable solution.

The Indian Express reports on NSCN-IM accepted the Indian Constitution brighten the face of many people who are opposing to the Naga struggle for Sovereignty. However, the next day, when the NSCN-IM MIP Press Release denied accepting the Indian Constitution and questioning the Indian Express the source of news they have received, many people who are in euphoria vanished their happiness.

The Union Home Minister Shinde talking to CMs of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal brought little suspicious to the people of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal. However, when the NSCN-IM Ato Kilonser – the Prime Minister of Naga Government – Th. Muivah said that the ball is in Indian court, the opposition party feel relax and happy, while the Naga people feel little confused as the earlier news report says that the NSCN-IM leaders are coming for home consultation. The panic Govt. of Manipur under the leadership of CM Ibobi Singh with other 6 members went to Delhi to confirm the proposal of setting up a separate Administration for the Nagas in Manipur. The NSCN-IM leaders home coming consultation with the Naga Hoho – the apex body of the Naga people – the Naga United Council, and the closed door meeting with the rival faction NSCN-KK is proving that the final settlement of Naga political problem is near, though the result of their meeting was not confided to the press in details.

The Congress Legislative Party (CLP) meeting the Home Minister in Delhi and its details news is not reported. However, the CLP going back to Delhi to protest against the proposal to set up a separate Naga administration and mobilizing the Assam and Arunachal Chief Minister shows that something is going to happen very soon. Sometime, the news report seems to be unauthentic but the followed up actions with the news report is proving that even some of the earlier news reports are also authentic.

Looking back to news report on Supra-State body, the NSCN-IM leaders silently watched the drama and they have never opened their mouth on this issue. However, the GOI denied the news report to be unauthentic. Whatever it may be – the Editor in Chief of Seven Sisters Post is closely associated with GOI Officials – a re-known journalist in India – Seven Sisters Post was just launched when it published this news, and launching the paper with fake news can’t be the intention for the sake of publicity as the future career of their paper can be impeded. Today, referring to earlier news report – Gist of Naga peace talks – it is observed that most of the gist mentioned here are related to the latest news report and press conference by its leader. One can ignore some of the news report but the CLP opposing to the proposal set up and the NSCN-IM leader home coming consultation shows that the final settlement seems to be approaching. One can also refer to earlier news like what Isak had earlier said on coming back to consult the Nagas before the final settlement.

The Naga Students Federation (NSF) also seems to be very confident of solving the Naga political problem before the Nagaland State Assembly election. The NSF asking the NBBC Youth wing not to go ahead with their peace rally for clean election shows their confidence and hope of solving the Naga political problem. However, with the NBCC Youth wing going ahead with the peace rally of clean election shows little confusion and mixed between the two.

The NSCN-K as one of the opposition parties to the ongoing peace-talks in Delhi plays their role and demands the sovereignty as the only solution to the Naga political problem. They do not oppose the NSCN-IM peace-talks but want only Sovereignty and they have clearly spelled out that they will never accept the solution without the sovereignty. “Let the NSCN-IM finished their peace-talks and we will start our own peace-talks” said the NSCN-K. This revealed their dissatisfaction to the present peace-talks solution which is lightly to come soon. The NSCN-K opposition to the present proposal solution shows that the NSCN-IM is not lightly to bring sovereignty in current peace-talks.

The NSCN-IM leaders are on a scheduled to go back to Delhi on November 6, 2012 to resume the peace-talks. The NSCN-IM leaders have met the Naga Hoho, UNC and its rival faction NSCN-KK. However not sharing the details of their meeting to the public kept the public clueless and helpless about the latest development in their peace-talks.

Today, the NSCN-IM talks about the ‘Interim Government’ but not one knows exactly about this ‘Interim Government’. Unless one know exactly what is this Interim Government, not one can comment on Interim Govt. Interim Govt. or Interim Arrangement is not the end of a complete cycle, it needs to move on where the Interim Arrangement is made. Interim Arrangement or Government can be good as Sovereignty and it can be worst than Shillong Accord also, which was made in 1975. The interim arrangement or Govt. will be solely depending on sincerity of the GOI and the Naga people to decide their fate after a specific period of time. Till the final solution comes or the Naga leaders share with the public, it may be difficult for the layman to comment now on Naga political solution. Based on rumors and the news report in the paper, one can always expect for an honorable solution. However, the terminology like “honorable solution” and “interim Government” do not have any specific attribute that can be measured. Henceforth, it will be solely depending on the attributes of the solution or interim arrangement.

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