Separate -nation demand in Northeast likely by 2018.

Separate -nation demand in Northeast likely by 2018. In another six years, there could emerge a demand for a separate nation in the north east, said Lt Gen.(retired) D B Shekatar at a Defence Seminar held on 1st Nov. 2012.

India‘s eastern and northeastern regions have been subjected to demographic changes as part of a well thought off plan by some of our neighbours.

This is creating undue pressure on the economy, culture and ethnic balance and is bound to have long term adverse repercussions on internal security, and economic dimensions.

# Do you find corelation between this seminar talks and the NSCN -K press release?

# There are many banned terror group under MHA list in their paper. But ironically, the MHA or the GOI has so far not taken any action against the banned terror group.

# Do you think that MHA and the GOI is waiting those banned group to establish their more properly?

# The North east banned group having links with naxalites and ISI is not more a secret according to the report.


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