The False Election Promises of the Minister

NTIMES 10NOV: The False Election Promises of the Minister

By: Rhanlamo Lapon

Some of the Ministers believe that they can buy vote by money and with false promises and one of the ministers did to my village. He knew that the villagers are gullible, poor, innocent and honest, and taking the advantage on this aspect, he came with folded hands with a big smile on his face and gave lots of false promises which were never done in last 5 years. I believe that he may come back again in next election with a big smile on his face to give more false promises.

When he came to my village for election campaigning, he met me, “Hi, how are you? Why you didn’t visit me even once in last 5yrs when I was a Minister?” (I chuckled in my heart and said to myself, “I understand you a white liar friend”). He handshake me and took out some money from his pocket and give me. Initially, I hesitated to accept it but I could not resist and took it that huge amount with a smile. After that, my mind changed assuming he is really good to me. I still remember that you came to my village and give a speech with broken English and Nagamese and saying, “If I am elected, I will construct road, electrified your village, construct community hall etc etc” But nothing was done till today since your last visit.

You have bought my huge pig with a sum of Rs.20,000/- and that huge amount was like a lifetime Oscars Winning Award for me as you have generously gave me some extra bucks also. You have treated the whole villagers with pork. We really enjoyed with a big smile, and it was like a Royal feast for the poor villagers. During the feast, you have said that this feast is not related to vote, but then your party workers came to my house and plead to vote for you.

When I cast my vote for you, I fantasized and dreamt of blacktopped in my village road, water supply and electricity etc. But nothing was done in my village. I want to thank you for making me fall down on your blacktopped road which is coated of mud and not with tars. During those raining season, as I stepped on your muddy blacktopped road, I fell down due to slippery and was hospitalized, and spent all the money which you paid for my pig during your visit (Oscar Winning Award amount).

Here, I would like to highlight some of your promises that you have made in your last visit to my village.

1) The road you have promised to construct is still the same with leaches, worms, snakes etc. during rainy season. We are taking the help of the walking stick to climb up to my village from the plain, which is about 5000ft MSL. I don’t know how you could climbed up the hill when you came for election campaigning.

2) In last few years, out of 300 populations in the village, eight children & fifteen adult villagers died due to malaria & typhoid as we do not have medical facilities. Due to famine in the village, around 20 villagers were also died out of starvation.

3) I go to bed early due to electricity problem as we can’t afford to buy a lamp or a candle which will be an extra burden but with your blessing I have the moonlight to look up the sky with a smile.

Vividly I still remember that you have pleaded me to visit you after you become a Minister. So I went for hunting and fishing for you to give you and I got some wild animals and fresh river fish from Doyang River with lots of trouble. When I came back home from fishing, my wife asked me, “Shall I cook some fishes for dinner?” I shouted to her, “Don’t touch it, it is not for us; it’s only for our Honorable Minister.” So my wife cooked only some yams and wild vegetables leaves for dinner. I didn’t allow my wife to cook even a single piece of meat for my children also. I feel very sorry for my wife and children.

The next morning I woke up early in the morning and packed all the meat, fishes, bamboo shoot and a live chicken. I walked on foot around 4hours from my village to Assam railway station and I took train to reach Dimapur. As it was late, I went to my cousin brother’s house and spent the night with a prayer remembering for you. The next morning, I reached your Bungalow early in the morning at 5AM sharp with my running nose due to coldness. I asked your security guard, “Saab asai na nai?” He told me, “Saab aro udhina to olop rukhibi” And then I was made to wait in his Bungalow which is made of imported grasses. Wow! That was like in a paradise for me and I enjoyed walking on those beautiful carpets. The bungalow look so marvelous and I also saw the beautiful flowers blooming in the garden. But then it was become like a hell again after waiting for him for more than 6hours,

Around 11:30 am, he came outside and I was at the entrance of his door step. I caught hold of him and handed over to him my priceless gifts items. He said, “Thank you, I am going for an urgent meeting and come tomorrow” Then he zoomed off in his imported car with lots of escort cars behind him. Sorry I don’t know the name of the car. I was happy that I could give him my gift items. But it was little uncivilized on his part as he has not offer even a cup of tea or glass of water though I have been waiting for him for more than 6hours. When I was about to leave his marvelous bungalow, one of his servants told me, “Ma’am is calling you” Then, I was wondering what made her to call me. But then I realized that it was because of the priceless meat I have given to the Minister. She invited me inside the living room and offered me a cup of tea with thin milk and lots of sugar – almost sticky. He he he!

After taking tea, I went back to my village cursing myself that I will never visit him again as I do not trust him anymore. When I returned back to my sweet village, all my villagers came running towards me and asked me, “How much money did our minister gave to you? And I replied ekta (one) cup chai deshetai, so I asked about their last visit and they also told me that they had the same experiences. Then we had a good laugh together mocking at him. Oh! I have wasted my time, energy and spent around Rs.1000 for visiting him. One of the worst things about him was that in last 5yrs I called him every month at least twice but he never answered me. So I thought that it must be due to some technical problem. But he proved me wrong because recently he has called me from that same number and asked me, “Sathi kinika ase”. I know the election is near and I asked him, “Who is this? Wrong Number” and hanged up the phone. Since then, I’ve never contact nor do I trust him anymore. Now, the Election is approaching again and let’s wait what he will come and promise again to my village.


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