Don’t entertain ministers, MLAs, ADC members: UNCIMES 14Nov: Don’t entertain ministers, MLAs, ADC members: UNC

NTIMES 14Nov: Don’t entertain ministers, MLAs, ADC members: UNC

United Naga Council (UNC) has asked Nagas in Manipur not to entertain ministers, MLAs and Naga ADC members in their jurisdictions in the pretext of development, cultural or political programmes.

UNC publicity wing stated that this was a follow up of its direction issued on May 14 this year to sever political ties with the government of Manipur as per July 1st, 2010 declaration of the Naga Peoples’ Convention.

United Naga Council also said the dilution of declaration by associating with Manipur ministers, Naga MLAs and “un-mandated” ADC members would damage the political position taken by Nagas in Manipur.

The council said that it had “no objection” or intent to disturb development works in the Naga areas but said the works could be supervised and monitored by the designated officials/professionals and also by Naga public who were the stakeholders.

United Naga Council has directed all Naga frontal, regional/district, tribe, range and village level organizations and individuals not to associate with or provide public platform to the ministers, MLAs and ADC members.

United Naga Council further advised individuals and tribes to stay away from the state sponsored Sangai festival and other such programmes as the Manipur government was seeking to project a picture of social harmony in contrast to the reality of “social divide” on communal line in Manipur.

Regional/district organizations and tribe hohos have been asked to follow this directive in their respective jurisdictions. NPN


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