NNC poohs-poohs settlement process

NTIMES 13Nov: NNC poohs-poohs settlement process
DIMAPUR, Nov 12 : The Naga National Council (NNC) has said that sections of the people are confusing the Nagas by talking ‘nonsense’ such as ‘integration of Naga terri-tories,’ ‘shared sovereignty’, ‘supra-state’, ‘quasi-federal’ etc.

“The status of Nagaland is clear and real. It is not built on dreams and visions. We are all familiar with the historical facts of Nagas and Nagaland which stand to testify our rights and position as independent and sovereign nation.

Having brought various Naga regional units together into one federated union on March 22, 1956, the integration of Nagaland and the formation of the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) was completed ,” said NNC secretary L Kaiso today.

He said that according to outfit’s ‘Article 1’ of the constitution (Yehzabo of Nagaland State), “The territory of Nagaland shall comprise all the territories of the Nagas and such other territories as the Tatar Hoho may by law admit on such terms and conditions as it may deem fit.”

The NNC leader further said, “Nagaland is not for sale. Therefore, the concerned Naga groups and the Government of India must desist immediately from such plan and talks.

Should such treachery be put to implementation by the Government of India with a section of the Nagas by avoiding the real issue of the Indo-Naga conflict, it will not bode well for India and those involved. For such an arrangement will not be the end of the Naga story and Nagaland as an independent Nation.”

L Kaiso also recalled that Nagas did not participate in free India’s first general election of 1952. “It was not a question of boycott nor a question of non-co-operation. Simply because, it was not our affair, therefore we did not participate in that election.

The Nagas of the day were clear and India understood. Subsequently, India invaded our country by waging war on the Nagas. Since then, Nagas have been going through tremendous suffering, trials and challenges. Whatever had happened, it had not and will not alter the legitimate rights of Nagaland. Nagas will move on,” he stated.

“It is painful to observe that the government of India is doling out money to its puppet state government and to the pseudo Naga groups in the name of development and settlement,” the NNC secretary added.

“It is very unfortunate for the Nagas that India refuses to leave Nagaland till today. Because of this, we the Nagas are unable to exercise our freedom and carry on with our development at will,” said the NNC leader. NNN/TSE


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