NSCN (IM) ridicules Kuki map, asserts territory

NTIMES 23Nov: NSCN (IM) ridicules Kuki map, asserts territory

IMPHAL, Nov 22 : Taking serious note of the provocative languages allegedly used by supporters of the bandh called by Kuki State Demand Committee (KSDC), NSCN-IM has asserted that such provocation was uncalled for and this must be stopped forthwith.

NSCN-IM has taken strong exception to the mischievous propaganda ema- nating from KSDC which has resorted to public blockade in Kuki dominated areas and intimidating neighbouring Naga villages to support he demand for Kuki State or face dire consequences.

To justify their demand for a separate Kuki State, the Kuki National Organisation (KNO) has produced a forged memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between KNO and NSCN in the year 2010, said a press release issued by MIP/GPRN.

There is also an open display of bogus sketched map extracted from the memorandum submitted by the Kuki National Assembly to the Prime Minister of India in the course of their demand for a Kuki State.

This is simply unscrupulous without an iota of truth and just to fool the general populace masterminded from the higher level agencies in connivance with the alleged communal Government of Manipur, said the NSCN (IM). Whatever is the mechanism of propaganda adopted by the Kuki bodies to justify the demand for Kuki State, nothing can be far from truth based on the historical and political rights (facts) of the Nagas, it asserted.

“The physical and political boundary of the Nagas is inalienable and God forbids using His name for spreading false propaganda as resorted by the KNO”, NSCN-IM claimed. What is being attempted by the Kukis in vain is both misleading and obnoxious from the historical point of view, and Nagas would not tolerate any means used by the Kukis to distort the historical foundation of he Nagas.

“Intrusion by Kuki organisations like KNO and KNA into Naga territories through their bogus sketched map and forged MoU would not stand the test of time”, it added. TSE


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