Interview with Alemo Michael by Nagalim Times (NT)

Interview with Alemo Michael by Nagalim Times (NT)

NT: Congratulations on securing 61st rank in the Indian Forest Service (IFS) exam 2011.

AM: Thank you so much.

NT: What inspired you to join the IFS?

AM: I have always been very fascinated by nature and wildlife and have always wanted to work in this field. IFoS is one of the services that offer great opportunity to nature lovers and a service full of challenges and adventures.


NT: When did you start preparing for this exam?

AM: I started preparing seriously for this exam right after my M.Sc.


NT: How much time did you devote in a day for the exam?

AM: I devoted at least 6 to 8 hours a day. Consistency is the key to success. So one should be consistent and see that the time spent should be productive.


NT: Did you join any coaching class?

AM: Yes, I joined coaching at Rau’s IAS Academy for general studies and joined mock interviews at Evolution.


NT: Do you think it is necessary to join a coaching class to be fully prepared for the exam?

AM: Coaching institutes shows us the right direction and guidance and thus helps us to save a lot of time. The test series conducted keeps us updated and improves our writing skills. However, the benefit may vary from person to person. One can also succeed without any special classes if he is totally devoted.


NT: What were your Optionals and why did you choose them?

AM: My optional subjects were Forestry and Agriculture. As I did my B.Sc. in forestry and M.Sc. in Agroforestry, these subjects are my best options as I am well verse with them.


NT: How was the interview? Can you recall any interesting question from the Board members?

AM: The Board members were very cordial and friendly throughout my interview. Questions were mostly asked from hobbies, bio-data, my state, academics and current National issues. It is advised that one is well prepared on topics regarding our hobbies and bio-data.


NT: Who is the inspiration behind your success?

AM: The constant support I got from my parents, siblings, friends and most importantly the strength, patience and hope that God gave me throughout my preparation.


NT: Do you have a role model in life?

AM: None in particular.


NT: How do you plan to use this opportunity of a lifetime?

AM: This service offers a great scope with a much wider platform to contribute to the society at large in a variety of ways. So, this opportunity will enable me to deliver my responsibilities in protecting and preserving the environment and wildlife. It will help me to work and render my service for the development of the present and future generations.


NT: Your thoughts at this moment?

AM: I am so happy and excited at this very moment. I would like to give a quotation: “Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.”- Robert Frost.


NT: Had you not been selected what would have been your fallback plan?

AM: Efforts are never wasted even if it leads to disappointing results. So I will keep on trying and give my best in the next attempt.


NT: What advice would you offer to future aspirants?

AM: Do your work with your whole heart and you will succeed. All that one need is to be consistent with a focussed mind, positive attitude and faith in Almighty God.


NT: Any message to NTimes bloggers?

AM: Thank you all for your best wishes. NTimes is doing a great job in keeping our people informed and updated. Your efforts are highly appreciated. Continue to keep up the good work.


NT: Thank you very much for joining us. Wish you all the best in your Career & May God bless you.

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