Manipur Civil Services Exam is very fair

Interview with Rocky Pou: Manipur Civil Services Exam is very fair

NTIMES 9Oct: Manipur Civil Services Exam is very fair

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s indeed a proud moment for us to present to you Mr. Rocky Pou, who is one of the successful candidates in the recent Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) exam. He hails from Kodom village and belongs to the Poumai tribe. He’s also already an assuming yet hardworking Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Inspector.


Nagalim Times (NT): Congratulations! Sir Rocky. We are indeed very proud of your achievements and we would like you to share your success with your Nagalim Times co-members.


Rocky Pou: Thank for your hearty congratulation and welcome Sir.


NT: So, what’s next? Are you giving up the Inspector’s Post in CISF?


Rocky Pou: Yea, now m waiting for appointment letter.


NT: What inspired you to join the Manipur Civil Services (MCS)?


Rocky Pou: The plight of our society, problems we are facing and the need to bring changes- are challenges to every of our educated youngsters. I, on my part feel that clearing this exam can bring me to the best option to work face to face with my own people.


NT: How long did it take you to seriously prepare for the MPSC exam?


Rocky Pou: One year.


NT: Have you also attempted the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam? If yes, what differences do you find between the two, UPSC and MPSC?


Rocky Pou: Yes, I had attempted UPSC exam twice. There is no difference between UPSC and MPSC in term of syllabus and pattern of exam. But the only difference is – the level of exam standard and competition is also tougher in UPSC.


NT: People usually say that for candidates who have prepared and faced the UPSC exam, MPSC exam is a cake walk. What do you say to that?


Rocky Pou: To some extent but not exactly. As syllabus and exam pattern being same, one can prepare both exams simultaneously.


NT: Being a service man yourself, how did you manage your time while preparing for the exams?


Rocky Pou: Working in active service and preparing for competitive exam is not that easy. However, whenever I get time, I devote myself to studies and that finally pay off. One of my colleague got IAS, by preparing during his active service inspired me a lot.


NT: As a State Civil Servant, what is the area you would most like to concentrate in as you serve the people?


Rocky Pou: Probably I will be getting MPS. Based on what post I get, I have to think and work out.


NT: Manipur has unfortunately become known as one of the most corrupt state in the country, compounded by many vexing issues both within and without the State boundary. What is your plan and strategy, if any, to tackle this problem?


Rocky Pou: Corruption is the greatest stumbling block and has eaten into every nerves of our state. This is a collective responsibility. I, on my part will actively participate to stop those evil practices wherever i can and will support civil societies who are working against these menaces. I feel that the issue of communities will gradually recedes as education enhances.


NT: What do you see yourself as ten years from now?


Rocky Pou: Older…..hahaha


NT: It has been alleged that bribes were taken as usual during the recent MPSC recruitment. Any comments?


Rocky Pou: From my own experience, I can assure to everyone that Manipur Civil Services Exam is very much fair. This doubt existed in my mind till the final result. But its all been false rumours.


NT: Do you have a role model?


Rocky Pou: No, but reading successful candidates biographies through competition magazines inspired me. For example, one of the IAS officer who got selected in 2010, was just a newspaper hawker and he did graduation in correspondence course only. Such exemplary works and dedications inspired me a lot.


NT: Your advice to students and aspiring candidates of various competitive examsRocky Pou: My advice is: If you have strong determination and will power, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal. Best of luck to all aspiring candidates.


NT: Thank you, Mr Rocky Pou, for your valuable time and we, the Admins, on behalf of all our members, wish you all the very best as you step up to shoulder your new responsibilities. We hope that you will continue to blog and share your thoughts with us. He is one of the active member of Nagalim Times and he you can directly interact with him in this group also.

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