UNC cautions against anti-Naga forces

UNC team: NNN picture

IMPHAL, Dec 5: United Naga Council (UNC) general secretary Gaidon Kamei has urged the Nagas in Manipur not to fall in to traps of anti-Naga forces who are hell bent on derailing the ongoing Naga peace process.

Elucidating, Gaidon Kamei said that Nagas should not beleive any speculation that Naga movement would not succeed.

“The Naga settlement is near and we should be very cautious in our dealings and we should not allow ourselves to be lured by anti-Naga agents,” said the UNC leader. He said Naga movement is not for sale. “Naga solution cannot be compared with material gains,” Gaidon added.

He was speaking at Somrei village in the adjoining zone of Senapati and Ukhrul districts today as part of the UNC awareness campaign on Naga issue which had kick-started from November 30.

“Our movement is purely a National movement started by our forefathers. We will go on as long as our goal is not achieved,” Gaidon added.

Gaidon also accused the State Government and billed it as ‘anti-Naga government’.

To drive home his point, the UNC leader said Naga leaders were given ‘wanted tags’ without rhyme and reason.

He was pointing to the wanted tags on ex-UNC chief Samsom Remmei and ANSAM leader David Choro to whom the state government had given wanted tags.

“There have been so many leaders in the valley who are indulging in all sorts of movements and agitations but the state government did not award them any wanted tag as had been done to the Naga leaders,” Gaidon Kamei alleged.

He then appealed the Nagas not to indulge in any communal activities but to work purely within the parameters to gain the Nagas’ rights.

Former UNC president Paul Leo said Nagas are fighting a benign cause and “we want peace”.

Paul Leo also said peaceful co-existence as good neighbours is what the Nagas ewant and appealed the gathering to shun any communal approach.

“The history of Nagas is unique,” added Paul Leo.

UNC leaders S Milan, Warngam, Solomon Ningshen of the Tangkhul Naga Long and others spoke on the occasion. NNN


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