GoI’s double standard and our Nagas’ weaknesses and strength

Contributed By: Luikham Naga

If there is an Oscar award given for doublespeak and lies, the Indian political leaders would win it every year. As we carefully observed and analyzed some of the activities and the purposes of various agencies of GoI functioning and dealing with the different communities in NE region especially with the Naga people and her cause, even a child like me in politics could understand well that our leaders are way far behind and nowhere near to compare the match and tricks of Indian politics and it players.

For decades long before and ever since India attained her independence from the clutched of the British colonization, we the Nagas have been fighting to retain our rights and sovereignty which was forcefully snatched away from our forefathers when they were unorganized and unprepared. It is so sad to learn that we the current generation of Nagas is still unprepared to make peace within ourselves even after witnessing all the matches been played by GOI with our people. And on top of that, if not entire, most of the communities of NE states are against the Nagas’ political aspiration directly or indirectly. We now have strong and depressing evidences that the next generation of Naga may or may not be ready either.

It is terrifying and difficult to believe that our own people become our own obstacles and road blocks towards our cause. Literally, we become parasite and letting ourselves to be used by others to make us weak and delegitimized our own rights. When someone uses our own people as their agents aimed at destabilizing us, the effectiveness of the mission becomes enormous; their jobs become easy and impact is 100 times more severe and dangerous. What is happening today within us, from which stand and position to which stand we have climbed down?

However let us not fear and give up the good fight. We the youngsters must be united and work hard to educate our brothers, sisters and children. All those untold miseries we have suffered and these unpleasant situations and structures created within us are the crimes and atrocities committed by GoI, which is against the human rights. They have enough of human rights violations against us, which we can place on the international court of law tomorrow. If we can unite and speak one voice for our cause we can surely win the battle. They would be liable to answer to the world’s community for what they have done to us and it would set us free eventually.

There is nothing more important for us than to work for unification today. Let us go for it and make it our utmost priority before we set forth. Let the peace and unity rules every Naga soul. God bless Nagalim. Kuknalim


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