Factional killings bring no peace

While appreciating the open statement of Shri Shalem Konyak, the President of Nagaland GB (Village Chief) Federation which appeared in local dailies recently condemning the factional killing among the Nagas, I am also constrained to point out that such condemnation by the GB federation amount to declaration of such killing as criminals according to the traditional and customary practices of the Nagas.

It should be borne in mind that the GBs, Village chiefs & Angs are not only dispenser of justice according to customary practices and usage in Nagaland but also are mandate to be authority in the same as per Article 371-A of the Constitution of India.

Therefore, it should be understood that condemnation of factional killing or any other unlawful activities by the said federation amounts to declaring the perpetrator as criminals in the strongest terms. This should not be confused by similar condemnation and appeals emanating from various NGOs however well meaning it may be.

Therefore, it is incumbent the State Government should take follow up strong actions against perpetrator of crime such as killing, extortion, illegal collection of taxes, rapes etc without delay. Not taking action by the administration on the excuse of the ongoing ceasefire talks does not arise when crimes are committed every day.

If we do not wake up, we may never be able to do so in future and the Naga issue will die its natural death. Is this not what the enemy wants? On this greatest Christmas festival of Christians, I appeal the Nagas to become Christian in reality and express my warm greetings to on and all this Christmas and New Year 2013. EMN
TL Angami
Former Advisor
GB Federation of Nagaland


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