SC Justice Lodha re-opens Senapati District Court after 20 years

Senapati, 19th Dec. 2012: Gracing as Chief Guest the re-opening ceremony of Senapati District Court at CJM office complex, Supreme Court Judge, Justice R.M Lodha yesterday reiterated the rule of law and that the newly re-opened court is expected with impartiality and integrity to deliver its purpose for the benefits of the people. An occasion considered one of the most anticipated and developing move under the present District Administration, the re-opening of the District Court will facilitate legal services and ensure the execution of constitutional rights through judicial fraternity.

Re-opening Senapati District court. Pix: Hornbill Express

Re-opening Senapati District court. Pix: Hornbill Express

The programme was jointly organized by the District Administration and the Senapati District Bar Association headed by Advocate Koshia Mao, who was also the moderator.
Attended by over 500 delegates and dignitaries including prominent Legal invitees, Police, civil bodies, NGOs, students, DLOs, Social leaders and well wishers, the programme also demonstrated tribal dances and cultural song. Among notable dignitaries were Justice A.K Goel, Chief Justice, Justice T.Nandakumar, Justice N.Kotiswar Singh all from the Gauhati High Court and Th. Ibohal Singh, Advocate General, Manipur, Sessional Judges, R.K Memcha, CJM, Legal experts, All Manipur Bar Association, DC P.K Jha, IAS, S.P Pushpanjali, IPS, AC Worshang, IAS, CEO Kholia, IAS, Tadubi SDO Peter Rangnamei, MCS, Purul SDO Ronald PP Ronald, Jr.MCS, DLOs, NPO, SDSA, SDWA, KSTC, Tribe leaders and many other special invitees. Justice N.Kotiswar Singh pronounced the welcome address, while Justice A.K Goel, Justice T.Nandakumar, Justice Ibohal and AMBA Gen. Secy. also delivered speech on the occasion.

Justice R.M Lodha in his speech stated that, the rule of law is possible when we establish a strong judicial system for the people and that, the dispensation of the law by lawyers/advocates is expected in best sincere way possible without corruption. The former Chief justice of Patna also advised the Media fraternity to disseminate any information to the people related to administrative corruption and social aliments. He however advised the media not to divert itself into media trail of a person accused in any cases as the rule of law will prevail in any outcome. Justice Lodha has been a renowned legal personality in Rajasthan and Bombay High courts before being appointed as Judge to Supreme Court of India in 1994. He is one of the legal figures who have passed the SC judgment that, any High court cannot quash a Corruption case even if agreements are reached between the two parties.

Earlier Justice A.K Goel, Chief Justice of GHC along with Senapati CJM R.K Memcha and SDBA has inspected the Senapati high court complex several times to the see the day of re-opening the court. A new District CJM office proposed at the old PWD office is already in the pipeline. Courtesy: The Hornbill Express


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