A Linear Christmas

Every Christian waits for Christmas season and has come the 2012 Christmas. It is a time to celebrate joyfully and meet our family members, loved ones and friends on this Christmas. What is Christmas means to you? Every individual has different opinions on Christmas and celebrate in different ways.  Some people feel happy, some people feel tense and some people do not feel anything.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Many people believe that Christmas means the same Christmas that comes and goes every year – meet at a point every year – a cyclic Christmas that meet in the same month and date every year.  For many people Christmas means a day of resting from office work, shopping and buying new dresses, having good food, merry making, laughing together with friends.  While for some people – it is the same Christmas that was celebrated last year or many years ago –  and for some people it is the time of reminiscing of God‘s faithfulness and his gratefulness and they pray and prepare to accept Baby Jesus newly.  They not only prepare to meet their family members, loved one and friends but they are spiritually prepared with a grateful heart.

Of course, it is like a cyclic event or festival that comes to the same time and month every year.  Some years back I was pondering on Christmas and one question came to my mind:  why do I have to celebrate this Christmas every year ritually?  This Christmas comes every year on 25th Dec. and what is the different with other traditional festival or holiday? Here I realised one thing that Christmas is not just a cyclic event or festival comes every year in the same month and same date and I should not celebrate with such kind of preconception and spirit. But it is a linear Christmas – an event or festival that goes in a straight line. We know that a cyclic line meet at point but a straight line never met at any point, so the past Christmas or last year Christmas won’t be the same as this year Christmas.

If we believe that Christmas is like cyclic line or believe in Cyclic Christmas that meets at a point, I think every Christmas that we celebrate will remain the same – it would be just another Christmas or event that comes again at point or time naturally. Christmas comes every year on 25th December, but if we fresh up our mind and heart with prayer and removed our preconception, we can celebrate every Christmas joyfully.  Infact, Christmas comes to us every year on 25th December but the same Christmas that we have celebrated 5 years back or one decade ago will no come back to us this year.

Today, some people celebrate a cyclic Christmas while other people celebrate a linear Christmas.  A cyclic Christmas can be boring too, but we may be able to celebrate joyful in a Linear Christmas that will not come back to us next year.  In fact,  every Christmas is a new Christmas for us – it is a time to celebrate with our family members, loved ones and friends as we do not know whether we will get another opportunity to live another year or to get the same opportunity next year.

In this coming Christmas, I wish and sincerely pray that we have a prayerful heart and celebrate this coming Christmas differently. Every Christmas will remain the same as it comes on the same month and date. But with our prayerful heart, I believe that we can celebrate our Christmas more meaningfully and joyfully with our family members, loved ones and friends. I also pray that we may receive Baby Jesus newly through this Christmas Celebration.

@Dr. Thohe Pou

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