Poumai Naotumai Me (Poumai Women Union) Silver Jubilee concludes

Three-day silver jubilee celebration of Poumai Naotumai me (Poumai women society) the apex body of Poumai’s women union concluded with a grand programme on Thursday. The celebration was hosted by Tunjoy village where thousands women from different villages attended the programme under the president ship of SK. Tabitha as and D.L Rone as general secretary.

Poumai Naotumai Me Pix: NPN

Poumai Naotumai Me Pix: NPN

Kh. Süle Anthony deputy registrar JNU Delhi the speaker said mothers have a great role to play for the betterment of the society including teaching values and ethics to their children at home. He stressed on the importance of knowing and preserving ones original roots without which their identity would be lost adding he said “our culture is the reflection of our identity”.

Anthony encouraged women to be a role model in the family and society and also learn to live together with different people in the midst of the differences. He said though women may not get the platform to speak and make major decision in the decision making meeting, they can guide and advise the husband the words of wisdom at home.

Warshang Hungyo IAS assistant deputy commissioner Senapati in his address as the chief guest of the valedictory function said the PNM has gone through the 25 years with many success stories and still many more to go ahead with great vision and hard work.

He said women were the one who shape the future of the society by passing the good values to their children. Nehemiah CDPO Mao the guest of honour of the valedictory function in his address encouraged the union and its members to be more united and show concern for one another.

Around 2500 delegates from 42 villages, NPO, ANSAM, PNBA, NWU, PNU, PNTM and others attended the silver jubilee.
It may be mentioned that Poumai women instilled to form the union after Oinam accident where Assam Rifles tortured and imposed curfew in Poumai land following the camp attack by Naga insurgency on July 9, 1987 at Oinam village.

As per the souvenir of the jubilee it said the excessive Indian Army so called “operation bluebird” has killed 27 people and tortured the innocent public in various manners.   NPN


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