Bandh should be lifted immediately

It is indeed very unfortunate that a senior NSCN officer involved in this incident. However, more unfortunately the valley medias try to highlight THIS PARTICULAR ISSUE with some or without any intentions by ignoring the other more important issues and killing in the state.  Momoko was not even raped but alleged to be slapped or molested but because of this incident,  it is very sad that a journalist was killed by the Police during the bandh. Today, this issue has blown up out of proportion to the seriousness of the issue with pre-plan or spontaneous reactions from the people.

Total Bandh  in Imphal. Courtesy Pic:

Total Bandh in Imphal. Courtesy Pic:

Incidents are the incident and crime are the crimes  but we can solve the problem with understanding or through peaceful rally in the state capital without total bandh. Of course, there were many similar and other serious incident and crimes were happening in the state from corruption to killing. However, it seems like this incident is the most important issue in the state, and the most heinous crime that have ever committed in the state.

Justice should be delivered to the alleged victim and the alleged culprit should be given a befitting punishment according to the law in the land. Every organisation has the right to press the Govt. to take up the action. However, calling total bandh in the state for this particular issue during the Christmas is indeed very unfortunate as the meiteis Christians and tribal are busy shopping and preparing for Christmas.

If the valley based organisation take up the case through peaceful rally and press the Govt. of Manipur to arrest the alleged culprit, I am in the opinion that every single soul in Manipur and people outside the state may support and share their voices to arrest the culprit immediately. However, in this particular incident, the concern organisations have taken up the law in their hand and push away the supporters for the cause.

It may be just an organisation or two, but when there is totally bandh in the state, it is possible that even a light-minded people also can have misconception and misunderstanding on the going total bandh in Imphal. To avoid suck kind of misconception and misunderstanding, all the right thinking people and organisation – both in the valley and in the hill should involve to solve the problem amicably.

I would say that it may be a genuine case and the victim should get the justice and the allege culprit should be punished according to the law of the law. But calling total bandh in Imphal and causing lots of inconveniences to the people especially the tibal in the state can have different views or wrong notion on the motive of calling bandh. It is indeed unfortunate that this incident happen during the Christmas when everyone is busy shopping and preparing for the Christmas and calling total bandh in Imphal can have more presumption, misconception and misunderstanding among the people. Therefore, this total bandh should be called off immediately and if those protesters if they want may continue their peaceful rally in the capital without calling total bandh in the capital. If this total bandh continues, even the meiteis and the tribals who are supporting the allege victim may have different views and motive of the bandh.

@Dr. Thohe Pou


One thought on “Bandh should be lifted immediately

  1. Admirable thoughts,Doctor Pou but at this point,I am afraid,there are more victims in this game than the number of conscious players.Let us not give ourselves too much credit(@conspiracy theory aka premeditated agitations etc.)
    No one seems to have control.

    We are all screwed here.Some of us know it,others will not realize it until ‘Tripura’ happens.

    It seems like reconciliation is an option no party is willing to explore and perhaps,more importantly,accept.
    Now, I would not want to call the aspirations of the Meiteis or the Nagas petty,but whatever is demanded by both parties,and the general attitude,one, lost in the ‘glory’ of its past and feeling increasingly slighted,and the other, ‘burning fast’, past its proud tribal traditions into the brave new world,cannot be interpreted as ‘visionary'(applied for the shortest span possible ,say 15 years). Things are going to go south real quick and with the economic liability of the people of our region compared to the other parts of the country,every murky road that we can envisage to choose,from this point, will ultimately lead us to ‘slavery’,economically,for sure, but just as likely, a form of slavery which would be racial in nature.If I am too theatrical,please indulge me,I have always liked theater,especially ones closely paralleling reality.

    Too naive.Too proud.Deemed to crash into the geo-political reality that is India,and it burgeoning population.
    A speeding train is rushing up against some kids who are quarreling over the places they can stand on the railway track.

    I feel for it but I think, it is already too late.

    Sensible people should take sensible steps,if they do not want to sell the future of their children for some ‘high octane’ moments in the present.

    Btw ,I have read a couple of articles on your blog and I think they were wonderfully insightful.
    On a more technical note,the wp theme of your is quite awesome.

    –A Meitei
    ( I could have left a name here but I see that this blog quite adamant keeping up the racial perspective, so I thought I should be interpreted with my racial background).

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