Appeal to U.N.C and Bandh Organiser in Manipur

The All India Tribal Students’ Association, Delhi and the Mongoloid people’s Forum solemnly appeal to the UNC and the ongoing Bandh organizers to immediately call of the highly insidious Bandh of communal tone and the propose counter bandh in the Hill by UNC in the interest of restoring Peace and tranquility in the state. The Association also appeal to the KSO (Kuki student organization and the ZSF (Zomi Student federation). and the AMSU and DESAM to protect the people of Manipur from going haywire beyond control which is extremely alarming.

How did the molestation of an actress by of one NSCN (IM) cadre in Chandel, is followed by the Lathi – charging of a few delegates who tries to register their complaint to the Chief minister and subsequently the firing of a larger protesters by a policemen resulting in the death of an innocent journalist, culminate in an extremely Anti – hill people movement in the entire valley?.

If the motive of the bandh is to fight for justice, why did the thousands of innocent hill people who were on their way home were made to desperately and helplessly stranded in the valley for days. The state of Manipur has been witnessing several incidence of Rape by security personnel, individual and even by militants but no protest of such magnitude of communal colour had ever been witnessed in the past. (e.g. Mass raping of tribal women in Tipaimukh by militants and several inhumane conduct of men against women in the past did not result in such communal tone.

The repeated attack on the Chairman of Film Forum, Manipur L Surjakanta Sharma following his announcement for the withdrawal of the bandh by hooligan or people with vested interest is view as an intention of wagging war against the hill people.

Therefore, I humbly appeal to all the leaders of both the valley and hills to restrain from further flaring up of communal feeling in the state.

As the valley and hills of Manipur cannot be totally separated forever, let us not communalize issues out of proportion. Protest against the insensitive conduct of the state government run by 40 like-minded people and haphazardly controlling over 27 lakhs of unorganized people of Manipur can be carried out without causing heavy casualty to the innocent citizens of the state.

Release in Public interest by
Mongoloid People’s Forum & AITSA.


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