Christmas eve

Gary Vaiphei shares his experience on Christmas eve during the bandh

date : christmas eve 24th dec 2012
time : 8 pm t0 10 pm
place : Tribal Market, New Lambulane, Imphal
situation : hundreds of people from churachandpur could not go back home including mine, because of the bandh and words were coming around that vehicles bound for ukhrul were destroyed, stoned and passengers were beaten up… there were lots of mob since morning stoning at the police and burning tyres… as the situation got worse than expected SP of churachandpur arranged escort for all the stranded people. so all of us were waiting at the tribal market for the escort. local churches bought snacks and provide tea and water. they made a big bonfire as it was very cold. than they brought the traditional drum than a portable loud speaker and before we know sweet voices of the kuki brothers and sisters were singing ‘ joy to the world ” holy night ‘ o bethelehem ‘ and other songs in their dialect. there was joy..

happiness.. peace in our heart as people started dancing around the bon fire. it was a x- mas i thought i will never get to enjoy in my in entire life.. sadness.. anger… hatred… evil thought were transformed into happiness, hope and joy… we danced and sing and shared sweets.. snacks ,,, water… and everything like we all know each other. there was love and care…. and than i realised this is the spirit christmas.

i was thinking whether its momoco s faulted or livingstone s faulted…. its a lesson to be learned that whoever you are you can take away christmas but not the spirit of christmas… ‘who ever was trying to stab us in our stomach did not realised that he was stabbing himself in the heart.’ we reached churachandpur around 12:30 am with escort from CCP police and Assam Rifle…. around 40 private vehicles 3 trucks 3 buses and one open truck fully cramped. enjoyin the season with my family.thank you every one who helped us.

By Gary Vaiphei


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