Naga bodies justifies agitation, defends AA demands

Senapati, 27th Dec. 2012: Seriously taking into account the present scenario in Manipur, apex Naga bodies yesterday defended its position for demand of Alternative Arrangement to resolve all communal and anti-tribal issues in Manipur. Representatives of UNC, ANSAM, NPO and SDSA yesterday in a media press conference held at SDSA head office stated that, the communal attitude of the State government in collaboration with valley based organizations has triggered such minor individual incident into an escalating disturbing and unwanted present situation.

Former UNC President and now Chairman for Alternative Arrangement Demand Committee stated that, the Nagas in Manipur has tolerated enough and that, the demand for AA is rightful and appropriate. While condemning the 18th Dec. Chandel incident as “uncalled for” and punishing those responsible, the UNC leader stated that, the Meitie brothers has been vocally claiming the protection of territorial integrity of Manipur while the Tribals especially the Nagas remained one of the most neglected race and all its democratic rights of demanding solutions being opposed tooth and tail on integrity issue. The Nagas in Manipur remains adamant and clear in its position for demand of AA warned the UNC leader.

ANSAM General Secretary, Seth Shatsang putting the record straight claimed that the 72hrs bandh was also to condemn the Rape attempt of a Naga school girl by three suspected Manipuri underground cadres near Lamlai Police station. The student leader recount, the rape of 21 village women in Parbung by UNLF & KCP cadres, rape of two women by Manipuri underground at Chandel, killing of two youths at Mao-gate in 2010 which went unrecorded and unattended by Valley based communities and the State Government.

The Naga leaders also expressed its concerns and anger over the frequent use of the term “bloodshed and civil war” by Manipuri organizations like UCM and others when Nagas are putting all efforts to resolve its long pending solutions and demands. Reaffirming its stance for support of the ongoing Alternative Arrangement demands for Nagas in Manipur pending Indo-Naga peace process, the Naga bodies warned that, Nagas will not continue to tolerate the bias communal attitude of the Government and Majority dominated community, but react effectively to protect its rights. THE

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