PRO Defence of Indian Army, Colonel Ajay Choudhury arrested

PRO Defence of Indian Army, Colonel Ajay Choudhury posted at Imphal was arrested by Thoubal Police Commandos at Pallel today with SP TABLETS worth approx. Rupees 15 Crores, probably the highest drug hauled in Manipur till date. It can be remembered that recently, a drug package worth 1.5 Crore was also seized at Imphal Airport by a Special Imphal Police Unit, but Govt. has not disclosed the owner of the drug smuggler, instead transferred the SI of the Special Police Unit, people have been demanding to disclose the names involved.

We studied about Opium War in China in history, sometimes I wondered if similar case is happening in the NE region !!

How can drugs be transported via airports without the knowledge & involvement of Higher up officials in Govt & Airport staffs ?? but it looks like its allowed in NE Region.



Published on 25 Feb. 2013, NPN

Signing agreements with insurgents proving a futile exercise
Centre has decided to act tough with insurgent groups in the Northeast. Changing its ceasefire policy, government has decided that it will not sign agreements with insurgents as it was proving a futile exercise.

“We realized signing agreements with militant groups just for the sake of peace is not working out. The moment we sign a peace agreement with a group, another faction crops up within the same group and which starts opposing the talks,” said a senior government official. “In the name of operational cease-fire agreements, these outfits besides breaking up into factions with diverse stands, also keep the weapons in their own possession, they keep on procuring weapons and ammunition from domestic sources or even from abroad, and continue with their training activities. This has prompted the new thinking in government circles,” the source said.

India’s northeast region has a history of insurgent movements in many states. There are more than 100 small and big insurgent groups in the Northeast.From just two groups in the late fifties, Manipur now has more than 30 groups. Assam has about 15 major groups; Meghalaya has about five while Nagaland has at least four major ones. It maybe mentioned that India has been pressing for crackdown on insurgent groups of Northeast including Paresh Barua-led faction of ULFA operating out of Myanmar.

The issue of the rebels continuing to operate out of the neighbouring country figured at the Twelfth India-Myanmar Foreign Office Consultations held in India on November. The Indian delegation was led by Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai and the Myanmar delegation led by Deputy Foreign Minister U Thant Kyaw, official sources said. Under pressure of the North Eastern States mainly Assam and Manipur, New Delhi has been urging Myanmar to flush out the militants.

Major insurgents groups of Manipur, Naga rebels and anti-talk faction of ULFA have been operating out of bases in Myanmar for long, taking advantage of the porous border, rough terrain and an indifferent Myanmari regime. Sources said the two sides reviewed and positively assessed the implementation of the decisions taken during the visits of the President of Myanmar to India in October 2011 and that of the Prime Minister of India to Myanmar in May.

It was noted that significant progress has been achieved in taking forward the initiatives related to enhancing connectivity among others.

Young vote for development, seniors for Naga settlement

Young vote for development, seniors for Naga settlement
ByOinam Sunil, TNN | Feb 24, 2013, 12.08 AM IST

DIMAPUR: Though it was a bright and sunny day, it looked like as though there was a bandh in commercial hub Dimapur. Streets were deserted and markets shut. But the scene at polling stations was completely different.

Unlike 15 years back when Nagas termed assembly polls as “Indian elections“, there was a mad rush at every polling booth. The rush was almost a throwback to the Seventies and Eighties when people queued up for tickets at cinema halls.

An election is no longer perceived as an exercise “imposed” on the people. It is now viewed as an exercise to decide the fate of the state and its people. “I came to vote for the development of Dimapur-II, which is my constituency. What we need is good roads, better drinking water and uninterrupted supply of power,” said 29-year-old I Imchen at Lengrijan.

He said people came out of their homes early in the morning to cast their votes. Though polling began at 7 am, long queues were seen in front of polling stations from 6 am. Security personnel had a tough time handling the long queue of voters.

It was a chaotic scene at Naharbari as voters pushed their way into the government primary school polling station. There were two queues —– one inside the polling station and the other outside for entering the premises. As the gate opened, a Naga woman volunteer shouted, “Only six can enter at a time!”

She took the help of security personnel to count the heads and allowed only six to stand in the queue.

At the Lengrijan Primary School polling station, an Ak-47 wielding CRPF jawan said, “It is better here. I have just come from Srinagar.”

He added, “I was told there was a lot of trouble in Nagaland. But people are casting their votes peacefully here unlike in Kashmir.”

The older generation said they were voting to find a solution to the decades-long Naga problem. The peace talks are the main issue this election and every party has made it their electoral plank. “Our priority is to solve the Naga political issue so that peace returns to the state,” said 53-year-old Inashe Chishi.

Waiting for his turn to vote at the Dimapur stadium polling station, Chishi explained the need to find a respectable solution to the Naga insurgency problem. “We want the new government to address this issue first and help bring peace and development,” he said.

He was voting in Dimapur-I constituency —— the only general seat in Nagaland where 75 per cent of the electorate were non-Nagas.

Asked about insurgency, young voters said the issue is important to all Nagas, but what is more important to them is development and creation of employment opportunities.

Candidates also knew the changing psyche of Nagas. Supporters of different candidates were seen distributing mineral water bottles to voters standing in long queues under the sun to quench their thirst.

Ceasefire without peace talks?

A Naga International Support Center, NISC,
,A human rights organization,

Amsterdam 26 February 2013

Press release

 Will ceasefire bring peace to the perilous Nagas of Burma/Myanmar?


Relatively recently the Khaplang group, NSCN-K, split off of the National Social Council of Nagaland (1988).agreed to a cease fire with the Government of Myanmar (formerly Burma) but no word was spent on much needed peace talks. Because the Government of Myanmar/Burma signed a ceasefire with the NSCN-K it implicitly recognized the NSCN-K as the representational body of the Naga populace of Myanmar/Burma. Considering this supposition the Naga international Support Center requests the Khaplang group to provide answers to the following questions:


– The Tamanthi hydro electric project financed by India is being built in the middle of Nagaland Myanmar/Burma. It will affect many villages and so thousands of Nagas. Since they are forced to relocate without sufficient compensation in land and housing what does the NSCN-K plan to do: Will the NSCN-K urge the Governments of India and Myanmar to abandon this unfortunate project so the thousands of Naga victims are protected?


– Reunification of Naga areas is a prerequisite for forming the Naga Nation now divided between two countries India and Myanmar and in India again into four states. Can the NSCN-K unequivocally speak out in favor of reunification of Nagas?


The new Burmese Constitution does not leave room for the Indigenous Peoples of Myanmar to exercise their Right to Self Determination. NISC did not yet learn that the NSCN-K confers with neighbor Kachin and other Indigenous Nations like the Karen about their stand they have on this constitutional matter, yet they want peace talks. The Nagas NSCN-K represents are entitled to know about the policies of the NSCN-K. NISC therefore asks NSCN-K to inform the Naga public on its policy on how to exercise their Right to Self Determination.


Does the NSCN-K stand for sovereignty in conjunction to the Nagas of India and so to unite into one Naga Nation?


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Open Letter to the Coward The Naga Blog (Facebook)

The idea of having a blog like – The Naga Blog is good.  It is quite appreciable that with the initiative of the Admins.  the members have also done some good work for the people. When there were some truthful Admin. in the initiative stage, the blog was good. However, your blog is going from good to bad and now from bad to worst due to your cowardliness.

As a Naga and having concern for our Naga people, I become a member of your group and interact with some of the members. I find that some of the members are educated, having common sense, love for our Naga people and I really appreciate them. However, there are many who assume themselves to be the real Naga – the only Naga on earth and act like a boss without having anything on their head.  However, that is no the main issue here as every one cant think alike and live for the people.

As far as I know, you have removed me Four times from your group without any reason or with a silly reason.  In my first and second removal, I did not say much. However,  in my third removal by one of your learned Admin. I have posted about the removal in one group also posted in my status. Otherwise, I never do anything against you – the coward Naga Admin.

I have posted two important issue on Naga current issue. However, you have never approved my post.  When I posted a news like message to your group, you have approved my (Testing Post) to test the Admin.  If you have little common sense and not that much stupid and coward, you could easily understand that it was a post for fun to test the mind of the coward and crazy Admin.  I have clearly mentioned that my post in your group was to test the tiny brain of the Admin. of TNB and you have really proved me right. You really have little brain and coward.

Why you have never approved my earlier post which has some genuine issue on Naga current affair? Why you have choose to approve that post, which is means to test the tiny brain? You are really very coward and stupid enough.

Coward Admin. It is a great shame to have an educated Naga coward like this. The coward dies many times before he actually die.  Surely this Admin will die many times more before the grave is ready.  How can you behave like the terrorists who restrict the Freedom of Expression? It would be much better if you would give a chance to the members to have freedom of expression without any bias.

The The Naga Blog the most coward I have ever seen in Facebook.  Educated but very coward. More worst than Taliban.  It is really interesting that the coward Admin. of TNB has approved my testing post which was to test the crazy and coward admin.of TNB. But denied all other genuine post, that has the truth inside.

Crazy and coward Admin.  If you are not too coward and crazy, you should have approve before you removed me from the group. You coward and crazy Admin. may want to backbites (gossip) about me only after removing me.  But don’t be too coward.  If you are a man, you should have approved my post before you removed me from your group.  So that we can talk and discuss like face to face.

Anyway, there is not medicine available in the market for a coward like you. I wish to purchase if available in the market so that you may be bold enough to face the truth in the future. The coward will continue to die many more times. Crazy admin.

By the way, why you are so scare of me? Interesting coward admin.


No Naga Solution, No Change

You may love the Nagaland
You may have the vision for the Nagaland
You may talk about the Peace and Development
You may talk about the Industries in Nagaland
You may talk about the roads in Nagaland
You may talk about the water and electricity in Nagaland
You may talk about the corruption in Nagaland
You may talka about the job opportunity in Nagaland
You may talk about the infrastructures and developments
You may promise this and that for the people
You may talk any thing about the Nagaland
BUT nothing can bring CHANGE without NAGA POLITICAL SOLUTION.