NPF once again back to power in Nagaland

The Congress Party ruled in Nagaland State from 1993-2003 under the leadership of SC Jamir. However, there was not much development and peace.  When the Naga People Front (NPF) came to power in 2003, there was lots of expectation that NPF will bring peace and development in the state.  However, even after 10 years of ruling in Nagaland State, there was no much change in term peace and development.

Many people didn’t expect the NPF to come back to power in Nagaland in 2013  Nagaland State Assembly Election as they have not done developmental work to the expectation of the people.  However, the people of Nagaland State have given another opportunity to the NPF to prove themselves and live to the expectation of the people. The winning of NPF shows that Naga people have faith on NPF and want Naga political problem to be solved by our own people mandate and not dictated by the higher Govt. or sell by own people Govt.

It is difficult to expect that NPF will do lots of  developmental work during this tenure also as there are some practical  but every one expects them to improve in their developmental work in Nagaland and in particular to Eastern Nagaland region. No political party alone can solve the Naga political problem. However, the political party having desirous to solve the Naga political problem will help to speed up in solving the problem. It is also observed that whether the NPF or Congress or political party comes to power in Nagaland state, there cannot be much peace and development unlike those underground FREE states in India.

The NPF might have not done better than Congress in term of developmental work, but as you carry the name of the Naga cause and live for Naga people aspiration, you could win the heart of the Naga people. As the NPF once again come to power in Nagaland State,  I would like to congratulate them and ask them to do two things for the Naga people: First,  you may need to improve in your developmental work, and Secondly live for the cause and aspirations of the Naga people as part of your election manifestos.

Congratulation NPF and to all the winners in this election.


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