Burma Nagas optimistic about DAN-III government

DIMAPUR, MARCH 6: Naga MPs in Myanmar and the Eastern Naga Students’ Association (ENSA), while congratulating the DAN-III government for its victory, have expressed optimism that the government will “continue to safeguard the spirit of oneness among the Naga brethren irrespective of territorial demarcation.”
A joint statement stated, “Without realizing the importance of unity among the Nagas, we will be a lost nation and one of the most pitiable ethnic groups on the planet.” It expressed hope that under the leadership of the Chief Minister, the Naga people will experience “prosperity, unity and peace in the state.” It also added that the ENSA and the Naga MPs in Burma look forward for “co operation” from India at this “transitional point of time” in Burma. The joint statement was issued by ENSA president Michael Kaita, vice president Mankhat Konyak and general secretary, Y Khomong Khiam and by U Hla Tun, U Myat Ko and U Zin Wan on behalf of the MPS. MExN


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