Nagas are looking for future

– Rh. Raising, Executive Member, Steering Committee, NSCN

We all talk of peace, but it seems genuine peace is far from our reach. Peace is believed to be the language of God, not that of man. It is the will of God that there should be ‘peace on Earth’. Peace exists not only in human kingdom, but it also exists in the kingdom of animals and vegetation so long as there is a harmonious interdependent relationship among them. The hard reality is that we are not independent of the will of God and nature. We are indispensably interrelated with the Lord, our neighbors, animals, vegetation and the Earth. And when this institutionalized divine law is transgressed, commotions, fighting and killings take place.
Why does a baby cry? We know a baby cries when it is hungry or when it is thirsty or when its security is threatened.

Why the Nagas are groaning? We Nagas are groaning for our political future because our future is threatened. Since day one, we have been defending our future with tears, sweat and blood against the aggressors. We know that the branches of a tree, its leaves, flowers and fruits die a natural death the moment its roots are cut off. Likewise, we strongly feel that our identity, culture, history, land and institutions will never survive when our future is murdered. There is nothing to doubt about it that our national future lies in our national principle as everything by nature comes from its own principle and nothing comes accidentally or from nowhere. One can never part with one’s principle. That principle, according to our understanding, is nothing but the Word of God. Admit it or not, all people and nations come from that principle and the Naga nation is no exception. The Naga nation does not exist by the goodwill of its neighbors or at the mercy of the aggressor state. Nation is the creation of God who works independent of the wishes and will of men. Ours is only to sail in tune with that Law. Rulers who go against that law bring commotion, crisis, fighting and bloodsheds in any given society.

Every problem, it says, has its own solution. Political problem calls for political solution, legal problem calls for legal solution and spiritual problem calls for spiritual solution. The problem of the Nagas is political in nature.

No one denies that the Indo-Naga problem is created by India. It was started the day Government of India (GOI) begun imposing its constitution upon the Nagas suppressing their rights. Consequently, the Nagas resistance movement was started. The constitution of India is the roadblock to the Indo-Naga political solution. The Nagas too have their own laws, homeland, history, identity and culture to belong. They are fully aware that there is no politics apart from their belongingness. Merger of one’s national identity with the other is an artificial commodity. Nation is a natural entity. Dictated accord or peace is no solution, it is a time bomb. Imposition of one’s will upon the other is the philosophy of tyrants and imperialists. Nagas never believe in that kind of political philosophy. Truth is always truth even if people in power do not recognize it. Our solution as we understand, does not necessarily lies in the subjective decision of the majority. It is in the nature of the problem as ‘the Oak tree is in the acorn’. It does not lie in total isolationism too.

It is in the politics of harmonious co-existence based on the principle of interdependent relationship among people and nations. Existence of all people and nations together in the same world in accordance with the doctrine of mutual cooperation, not confrontation, mutual support, not opposition, mutual consent and agreement, not dictation and mutual respect of right, not suppression are imperative to peace in the region and the world as well.

No solution sells anywhere if it is imposed. History is no history if it is twisted. Solution must touch the heart of the issue. Why our solution is elusive? Is it because we are digging only in the surface? It must be understood that we are not confronting the colossal forces of India & Burma out of hatred or hunger for other’s land, but it is a matter of survival politics for us. We are for solution. The spirit of political solution inspires our confrontation. Our negotiations are aimed at solution. Our politics is centered on solution. Our diplomacies, policies and strategies are focused on solution. All the Naga civil societies, the churches, the people and political parties are oriented to solution. NSCN is formed to spearhead the resistance movement of the people for solution.

Solution must come at all costs and by all means. If solution is miscarried, the irrational monster of war will fill the void. If the monster returns, we are sure, people of both parties will be the common victims. Their lands will not be safe. Their developed cities and towns will not be safe. Their institutions will not be safe. And above all, their children will not be safe.

The government of India has poured money into the so-called Nagaland state with the intention of dampening the revolutionary spirit of the Nagas. But it was found to be a wrong prescription. It has deployed hundreds of thousands of its armed forces in all Naga areas, however, military atrocities breed more fighting and killing in Nagalim. It created a puppet state embracing only one fifth of the Naga homeland with a view to legalize its illegal occupation, but that brought no dividend. It created bogus organizations called factions and engineered them to fight a proxy war for India, but that magnifies the problem. Its appeasement policy fetches no desired result because it does not address the issue. Its developmental programs and policies are but to fill the coffers of its sycophants and military operation commanders. Its colonial policy of one nation and one culture has no taker in the region.

Nation grows it is not made. The Nagas have their own unique history, identity, culture, social values, established laws and land to belong. They can never part with their belongingness. At the same time, they too admit of the fact that they can never stay away from the law of harmonious interdependent relationship with their neighbors and the world. NSCN will stay the course even if situation turns for the worse or the better.

Let this be known by the whole world.


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