The Need of the Nagalim to Strengthen

Nagalim‘s strengthening as a nation involves many things that includes its cultural, economic and political institutions in line with 21st century governance, a few are as follows through greater Autonomy/self rule :

The beautiful Naga Flag

The beautiful Naga Flag

1) A strong sense of awareness of Naga history and Naga present

2) Nagalim must be seen as a continuing society of inter-related sub tribes, not a created entity.

3) The right of Nagas to establish freedom of total movement throughout the entire Naga region and their right to strengthen bonds with all the Naga sub-tribes.

4) Recognition that “Naga” is a name given to make what was once “invisible” and existing as “visible” and defined in the context with the larger world. Naga therefore is not a “invented” concept, but a visible ethos of a continuing South East Asian Indigenous civilization sharing a common origin, shared ancestry and inter-related cultural systems.

5) Institutions that are elected, designed and developed by the Nagas in full freedom without any restriction from any outside entity.

6) Development of transportation infrastructure that connects to all aspects of Nagalim, ensuring national integration within Nagalim from a physical sense, and no barriers to that should exist. Establishment of atleast one international airport (minimum) and cheaper air transport via helicopter systems to helipads constructed in all the major Naga towns throughout the region to carry goods, services easily.

7) One Naga administration, elected by the Naga people to legally have the rights to represent the Naga people on the international stage, administer the region and govern the region as per national and international laws.

8) Strong internationally recognized educational institutions, universities, schools and collages within Nagalim.

10) One unified national ID system, Passports, Flag to govern the entire Naga region being visible governing symbols of a nation.

11) Strong telecommunication networks

12) Centralized Database systems that hold historical archives, can record births, deaths and marriages of Naga people .

13) Investment body that can interact with the greater world for investments in Industrial development and production, manufacturing of goods and services.

14) Rule of lawIndependent judiciary, fair police systems, territorial defense force, immigration enforcement, customs and excise.

15) Trade offices established in developed nations to promote tourism, import-export.

16) Protection for ethnic minorities within Nagalim (non-Nagas)

These are some of the things to strengthen and develop, some of it from existing ones .

BY: Global-Naga Initiative


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