The background history of Tenyimis family

By: TL Angami, Convenor, Tenyimi Judiciary Court Hq Kuda, Nagaland

As per our Tenyimis Forefathers historical account handed down from generation to generation by word of mouth tell us that the Lothas and Semas are also from the same Tenyimis family. Tenyimis called the Lotha as Cuzhie-u. Cuzhie-u means while the parent provides food among the brothers, he could safe some of his food while other brothers finished their share. And for which, the parent named him Cuzhie-u and still there is Cuzhiema khel in Nerhema Village. And the Sema as the youngest brothers from Tenyimi family is called Sieu as he suffered ill health during his childhood and could not walk fast and was later called him Sema. The brothers of Lothas and Semas may agree or may not agree about this history. But the said historical fact is still fresh in the mind of some elderly as handed down from Forefathers through words of mouth. And there is still a traditional village of Sema as Sewemi Village located in Phek District near Chizami Village.

The Tenyimi family is in existence from time immemorial. It was the Britishers who first called all the Tenyimis as Angamis. As because, they all speak similar dialect of Tenyidie. We also are similar historical background mentioned in the Britishers book of “Angami Country”. It is a fact that in the early days there was no difference among the Tenyimi families, they lived together as a family by blood relation, and same is practiced between villages even today.

It may be stated that the Naga’s demand is Independent state and not the present constitutional state of Nagaland. And as such, no one can divide the families of Tenyimis on the excuse of the present state situated forcibly established in an undermarketed boundary of Nagaland by stating that Mao, Rongmai, Marang, Poumai, etc are not Nagas just because they are not from Nagaland or they are not from Tenyimi family.

As for Aos, I find it difficult to believe that according to the Ao traditional history, they came from a Cave of Six Stones (Longtorok). The present Naga different tribes were all in existence since time immemorial, and it will be it meaningless at present re-recognition of those tribes as traditional tribes. This is more so because, the Nagas are still fighting for Independence and the final political settlement is yet to be arrived at. And moreover, we do not know that what areas would be the final settlement for Nagaland.

Let us not reject each other at this stage, as because, we should not forget our forefathers historical fact so soon say within a half century of time. Also because, such rejection of each other traditional tribes may block the way of Naga integration. The Nagas whosoever live wherever in Naga inhabited areas permanently have right to get his or her share in whatsoever quotas is available for all the Nagas.

And though the Nagas may redefine their National boundary, the Nagas shall live together as a family as one in Jesus Christ. Killing and rejecting each other’s among the Nagas and lay claims only Nagas of Nagaland excluding other Nagas will lead to self destruction. And should this be our attitude the law of the land will force us to go back to our Native Village and thereafter it will be meaningless for the Nagas to fight for Independence.

Remember, it is only Tenyimis land that all the Naga tribes have come together to live as one family. Therefore it will be wrong to keep on harping on the divide on the basis of the so called constitutional boundaries which is nothing but divide and rule policy of the Government of India. Tenyimi family will go together and stay together till the water flows in the River.

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