Thepfulhouvi on his clarification to TL Angami

By: Thepfulhouvi Solo

Yes, Thepfulhouvi understands the sense in the English terms: ‘House of the Nagas’ and “the Naga Family”. These are enlarged, enlightened Social Terms Nagas use to describe Nagas by Nagas for Nagas wherever he/she may be. I agree.

Let me quote the Paragraph I used on the Issue in my Article: ‘Canaanite Woman, Jesus and Nagas” (News Media on 13th May 2013) to clarify what I have said and what I presume T. L. Angami has missed:

“Nagas of outside Nagaland, whether from Myanmar or Manipur or Assam or Arunachal, are all united with Nagas of Nagaland Spiritually and Emotionally; we are all Nagas; Nagas of Outside Nagaland need great consideration in the State of Nagaland from the aboriginal Tribes of Nagaland”.

Because of the historical happenings in the erstwhile Naga Hills, it got a State with special constitutional privileges in the shape of Cultural, Economic, Educational and administrative concessions. The leaders and the people suffered great privations, personal imperilment and severe economic sufferings in the Naga conflict with India. As a result, the State of Nagaland got concessions in its settlement of the State of Nagaland under a 16-Point Agreement with the Government of India, concessions available only for the bona fide Naga Tribes of Nagaland.

Article 371A, the Constitution provides “Special provision in respect of”:
i. Religious or social Practices,
ii. Customary law and procedures,
iii. Administration of civil and criminal justice according to customary law,
iv. Ownership of land and its resources,
And the Parliament of India even have no Authority to interfere in these matters “unless the Legislative Assembly of Nagaland by a resolution so decides”
These special provisions are not available to any other States: not to Arunachal Pradesh Nagas, not to Assam Nagas, not to Manipur Nagas nor to any of the North East States. Such special provisions are not even available to Jammu and Kashmir. Nagas of Outside Nagaland can have these Privileges only if they become ‘tribe of Nagaland’, hence the interest to be declared ‘Tribe of Nagaland’.

It is because of these special provisions the Lotha Land Owners have all the rights to the Oil in Champang Area; the Aos, the Konyaks, the ZPO Zeliangs etc the exclusive right to the Coal and the Minerals in their respective Lands.

Phek District has the riches Mineral Deposits; only the land owners there are entitled; not others. The Naga Hoho controlled by forces of outside Nagaland, is already demanding 2% of the Oil Revenue of Nagaland! How audaciously ridiculous! People from outside are collecting Crores of illegal Tax from the Property Owners of Nagaland!

Mr. T. L. Angami, you are so large hearted a Christian Naga Chief, you may personally and privately give Plots of your land in your Chiefdom to Nagas from outside Nagaland; Educational Scholarship to Manipur Naga Students; you may very strongly recommend to Nagaland Government Jobs for Nagas from Arunachal or from Assam Nagas.
Already we have the ENPO more reasonably than otherwise for Nagaland’s failure to give equity treatment to Nagaland Tribes and now Central Naga Tribe Council is in the making due to their sour taste of the Tenyimi Union including people from outside the State.

Will you share your inherited family Property with others? You may, but if you do, you will be breaking the universal Family Inheritance Rule. I will be nakedly honest with you: I would not be able to follow your example and I would recommend your Villagers or your Society should not take up your Practice; the Government of Nagaland also cannot because the constitutional provisions does not authorize it baring the Assembly’s ‘the Ayes have it, the Ayes have it”.

The Article 371A covers exclusively only Nagaland Tribes. We feel sorry for the others, it is not the fault of the present generation; it is the fault of the Leaders of the earlier generation for their failure to toe the common Naga cause when the historic opportunity came.

Let us hope in God’s own good time some day North Korea and South Korea will be united in one Korea and Sakhalin Island united with Japan, but as of today, you need not feel unchristian for the issue of temporal secular constitutional Nagaland State matter, not national or religious matter.

One thought on “Thepfulhouvi on his clarification to TL Angami

  1. Things happen for reason but, what made it happen…..its simple as we all know!
    Man of today should not necessarily be so rude……and, act innocent but, hurting the truth!
    To be honest;when i read the articles,it seems like boasting about the inheritance and legacy of the past….and the fact is,i tried to emphasize my good points without sounding
    ”Today it may be for mr.a but tomarrow,it may be for mr.b.”
    However,what is true remain true……you can not mislead your spirit in the strict term’s,but spirit does!
    To be so catch up with the present days fashion is not encouraging.
    Government is not all that human being will depend.
    We have God and then,Naga’s are Naga’s,why doubting?
    Politically right but morally wrong can’t be acceptable.when you tried to make right from wrong……what are the things to employ in your heart?lol
    We may have different opinion and vision but it didn’t necessarily mean we are forever different.
    Love yourself,and love Naga’s

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