Who are we paying?

By: Benjamin Yeputhomi

Are we being dominated by a group of vested people/organizations or are we turning a blind eye to the rampant extortion that is going on? Who is the victim ? The consumers, and who are the consumers? We, the general public. Several organizations in Dimapur have resolved that there would be ‘only one tax’ payable to any faction of the underground. A clear sign which indicates, that Nagas have woken up from deep slumber.

Let me cite some negative effects of the existing multiple taxation practiced in Nagaland.
Firstly there are two routes to Dimapur:
1) Dillai gate
2) New field Check Gate
Here, each truck is levied the following taxes:
Entry Tax
Vehicle tax
Consignment tax

Some details of the taxes are as follows:
Edible oil per trip (Dmp-Ghy) – Rs. 8000
Edible oil per trip (Ghy-Dmp) – Rs. 10000
Egg per trip (Ghy-Dmp) – Rs. 6000-8000
Fertilizer 6 Wheeler per trip (Ghy-Dmp) – Rs. 4000
Fertilizer 10 wheeler per trip (Ghy-Dmp) – Rs. 6000
Fruits per trip (Ghy-Dmp) – Rs. 5000-6000
Fresh fish per trip (Ghy-Dmp) – Rs. 8000 + 1000 (lorry tax)
Hardware per trip – Rs. 5000
Hardware 6 wheeler per trip (Ghy-Dmp) – Rs.7000
Hardware 10 wheeler per trip (Ghy-Dmp) – Rs. 9000-10000
Besides this, taxes are again levied on the same commodities after reaching the destination (godowns), and yet again on reaching the market.
Taxes levied on footpath vendors: (Specially on mutton, pork, chicken and fish)

NSCN/GPRN (IM): Rs.30 per day
GPRN/NSCN: Rs.30 per day
FGN: Rs. 30 per day

On top of all this, some vested individuals/organizations have started the practice of syndicate or dealership system to add to the woes of “We Nagas”. Under this system, a farmer/individual cannot sell his product without approval from the concerned syndicate, a market system where a few individual decides as and when to increase the price and supply of commodities as per their convenience (profit). This is basically a process of monopolizing the market. If this evil practice is not rooted out now, the control of price, supply and demand will fall into the hands of few individuals. What will be the fate of the consumers? And let’s not forget our local farmers and entrepreneurs? How will they earn their livelihood?

Dimapur besides being the nerve centre of Nagaland, also serves as supply route to Manipur. It effects not only Dimapur but the entire state of Nagaland. Let us voice out and promote an open market where everyone can buy and sell fairly. Are we willing to compromise the quality and price of our daily needs by turning a blind eye to such a practice?

I have cited some facts above, so that every reader/individual can do the math on why we pay such a high price on every commodity. And what if, each and every organization decides to follow this system, imagine what will be ‘The cost of living in nagaland’? It is obvious that the price of commodities will escalate, which means depletion of our savings.

The reason behind this is not to defame any person or organization but to support the proposal of ‘only one tax’ per annum, and also to voice out against the system of dealership/syndicate.


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