Naga disintegration within: AN ANALYTIC PERSPECTIVE

bY: G. Gwangphun, Social activist/Researcher

The present Naga society is seen to be in the down trend to fragmentation, further division and disintegration. The legal Government of Nagaland is being put into the oven of burning sulphur-like hot by the divisive, opposing elements emerging from certain section of quarter of the society. Something is wrong with the mentality of the Nagas. Could it be that, the Nagas are infested with the disease of tribalism or selfishness?

It is indeed very difficult for the Govt to really run the administration smoothly when popular opinions are being taken into account or trying to topple the ruling principle established by the legislators who have been elected by the mandate of the people. When the govt take into account the popular opinion rather than the social conscience of the people, the falling is assured like that of ancient Rome. Will the Nagas progress in the making or building of the dreamed Naga Nation when we practice or allow the divisive elements to run through the vein and blood of the Nagas against the same Naga family members and among ourselves? What is Nagas’ unity and what are we Nagas doing when the whole Naga family have been divided by arbitrary state boundary against and without the consent of the Naga people by the arbitrary Indian Govt. resulting shortfalls and hostility among the Nagas. Are we not ashamed of reflecting our disunity, apathy and lack of fellow feeling?

Moreover, why are we so subjected to Indian politic of dividing us and ruling us to our own lost not only of our lost of identity as a people but also our inherent rights as a human person. Since the creation of Indian statehood in Nagaland, the seedlings of further division is being planted and let to nurture to its fullest form. The present drama of classification of Nagas tribes in the catalytic measurement sticks of indigenous and non Indigenous among the Nagas is viewed as a blind act of reasoning based on greed and selfishness. The Nagas are being dragged by the many present visionless leaders within the narrowed wall of statehood fenced by Indian politics and appeasement provisions they called it tribal quotas or economic package. Fearing and apprehending that their share would be enjoyed by others undeserving. This is the result of 16th Point Agreement.

When only Nagas begin to see each other’s individual and tribes as members of the whole Naga family, the light of prosperity, and vision of hope will dawn upon and the hearts of love, compassion and humanity will flourish among our people. It is my humble and earnest appeal to those whose hearts and moral reasoning faculty have been deaden and engulfed by Indian subversive or captivating provision they called scheduled tribe quotas. Thus the Nagas’ appears to have colours among themselves, factional groupism, political party cultures, and further contentious tribalism within the state. The fact is appearing like that of Indian caste systems and untouchable creed, outcasting each other as alien or hostile visitors. The identity oriented tribal classification reign the society which are but a beginning of destruction not only the social fiber but also the Christian morality.

All the Naga tribes seem drowned into the insatiable pool of Money and greed-blindfolded darkness. It is perceivable that, Where money rule in the heart, moral run out of the heart and man becomes Money-blinded-mongers and empty vessels shouting much only to their own gratification and satisfaction never bothering or caring for his own neighbour or brothers who are being deprived of their basic rights to food, shelter and survival around them. I term this moral-bankrupted disease of the present generation. Whoever senses this reality may move for a remedy. The remedy is not quitting them of their rights but disowning the narrowed outlook and confinement to ones own tribal society.

The fact that, the Naga people are turning toward the past outdated society and remote past culture instead of marching toward a new generation of change and globalisation. In the global village concept of human community, the world is looking forward to come closer together and address the common issue affecting humanity, like climate change, human rights and its violations, moral re-armament, inter-tribal, inter-state and inter-Nations’ relation and understanding, tolerance etc. What are we Nagas doing for the humanity and this planet earth? Are we consuming or promoting resources for the world? Would you agree with me, to say that, we are fully immersed or baptised into Indian political water and bearing a new baptised name or identity as Indian-Nagas in term of culture? Can we look little farther and see the hope that we shall one day stands as a sovereign people and Nation? Let us believe that, the God of Nations can make it happen. let us denounce all elements of greed, selfish-ended issues, demands, or pursuits from our hearts and take part selflessly for the common good of humanity with the rest of the world as fellow citizens of the global village. Let us begin to see a new and wider dimension of unity, integrity and compassion for each other and all humanity with higher and greater understanding, acceptance and tolerance as our culture.

The author personally holds the responsible for any misgiving or misreading if arisen out of this article against my own intention. Readers may through the given no. 8974381932, kindly comment, supplement, or correct my article for and in the common interest of building a better Naga society. MExN


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