Naga movement into the abyss

BY: Temjen, Dimapur

Nagas today have become disillusioned with the present arrangements of a quasi state where no one’s discusses about it in the media.

I specially feel let down by our leadership both over ground and the national organisations. Both India and our leaders have been in consultations for over many years but not an inch has been made in the progress for a final solution. I was so proud of being a member of the Naga national movement under the legendary leadership of our visionary leaders but somewhere along the way the basic vision of sovereignty was lost and people began to be disillusioned and once again we fell into the trap of India as we done so many times.

I in my individual humble self sacrificed a lot following the vision of our leadership. I can’t list the details of my contributions due to space restraints but I can list a few: (8yrs in seven Indian prisons losing the prime of my life and education).

Today we nagas have become divided, corrupt and selfish with an insatiable hunger for wealth just as India has manipulated a countless times. It is very sad that our leaders have not learnt from history.

Nagas today have become selfish and are into individual agendas. I also feel that our national leadership has deviated from our vision of a sovereign Nagalim and are satisfied in maintaining the status quo. If this is the end game then release us from these chains of a free Nagalim and allow our people to progress otherwise like the past lead us with your vision of a true and free Nagalim and even if I am alone I will follow the road with you to the end.

I know I have no right to question the wisdom of our leadership because I have committed many transgressions of my own but as a person who gave his all for the last fifteen years I ask for your understanding.

I am coming to you from a place embedded deep in my soul. I remember when the movement was pure. While on command we had to beg the villagers for food and never took more than they could. We did not even drink a glass of water unless the owner offered us one. I even remember our enemies the Indian soldier goes because they were unarmed.

The world may have changed but the basics of getting rid of our chains never. Because the enemy is always plotting, to undermine our movement. Look at our nation today, it is divided, rampant tribalism is in the fore, corruption, and losing its dynamism. Lastly I plead with our leaders to lead with dynamism and statesmen like leadership for the greater lim. KUKNALIM MEXN


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