RSU joins ACAUT fight against taxation

NTIMES 10JUN: Rongmei Students’ Union Dimapur (RSUD) has extended its support to the Action Committee Against Unabated Tax (ACAUTs) fight against illegal taxation, extortion and dealership and syndicate system.

Stating that everything has its limits, RSUD acting president Jenpu Rongmei and general secretary Gainempu Gonmei in a press release has asked all concerned Naga undergrounds and anti-social elements to “stop testing the goodwill and patience of Nagas.”

The students’ union also called upon all right thinking organisations and student bodies to come forward and join the initiative to resolve the menace of unabated taxation, which it claimed is the main culprit for economic destabilization.

It also pointed out that unreasonable taxing has been creating fear psychosis in the minds of capable and talented youths whose attempt to venture out on entrepreneurship or any sort of business are being restrained and thus leading to more unemployment problems.

Calling upon all sections of the people to stand firm in combating the menace of illegal taxation and extortion, the students’ union has also appealed the competent authorities to curb the menace and restore normalcy in society. NPN


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