Think beyond your own State and Tribe

All the Nagas from all the present states and country of Nagalim (Naga land) – Nagaland, Manipur, Assam and Arunachal and Myanmar have chances to be together in Facebook and outside the Facebook to work together especially the youngsters, and many Nagas from different states and country came together to share their views in Facebook. However, some of the Nagas youth assume that they are the only the ‘true Naga’ and have some superiority complex without knowing the fact and this is also hindering to unite the Naga youth. Peace cannot come alone solving a single problem or in a state in Nagalim – one needs to think beyond his or own state if peace want to restore in Naga land (Nagalim).

If we all consider that we are ‘Naga’ and from the same ancestor or have the sense of commonness in our culture, tradition etc, we can be more united and have more common goal for our future. Today many of our youngsters are changing fast – forgetting their past and running after enjoyment and easy earning without any sweat. Individualism, selfishness, greediness etc rule the heart of many people, which is adding more problem to the existing problem. However, I still believe and have faith in the strength of the Naga youth. Our youngsters need to think beyond their individual and fight against corruption, show a good example to others through their speech and living, fight against the socio-economic evil, which are in different forms – that may include both the activities of the overground and underground.

It is easier to talk other’s problem forgetting one’s own problem and strength to help the other problem. We may have our own problem but we can also help to solve our common problem depending on how much we understand and perceive the problem. Today, one of the greatest problem of our Naga youngsters is complaining or sharing the problem without trying to solve the problem. We the Naga youngsters know all the problem prevailing in Nagalim and we can solve the problem once we start to think beyond our own state, tribe and village. Once we start to think beyond ‘my own state’ and ‘tribe’ – our Naga youth will be united and work together to solve the present prevailing problems in Nagalim. Unless one has a broad-mind, vision and think beyond our own state and tribe, there will be always problem.

Thinking or considering only one’s own State, tribe or village is not only the problem to the existing problem in Nagaland, Manipur or NE India or India. Today there are many problem in this world as the people think only for their country, state and community. However, this world would become a better place to dwell when the people of this world start to think beyond their own country, state and community.

@Dr. Thohe Pou


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