Today’s Generation in Naga Society

Its really sad to know many of the lives of our brothers and sisters at home and outside are caught up in the vices of this world; intoxicants, debauchery and other forms of immoral activities.

It is even more sad to learn that there seems to be no one to help them. Whilst we all know that human resource is the greatest Asset in any orgnization/government,what has been really done to bring them to the right tract? Does anybody really care? Take for example in our society, a black sheep in the family can take the family emotionally (sometimes physically) hostage. Do we know for certain that individuals made up the society? Do we have social scientists in our society? Who are the moral guardians of our society?

The current century has been one of the most complex ones impacting our society. The pace of electronic revolutions has never been so dramatic, as far as our daily life is concern. Media has become so powerful and the pace of communications
and transmitting information has never been so easy and so fast. Knowledge, intellectual properties, and all forms of learning techniques are easily traded/exchanged. Cultures, practices or lifestyles are easy passed on from one society to another.

The impact of these agents of change are enormous to any society and our society is no exception. It would be totally disastrous to let these agents of change drives our society in its direction rather than we used these agents in a controlled manner to reach our set goals. It is high time to inspect what control mechanisms do we have in our society to monitor and regulate the impact of such changes to our society through proper implementation of administrative or otherwise policies. I’m sure everyone is doing their best (especially those in responsible places) for our society but, do we see some needs of improvement in the following areas;

1. National Workers. Setting examples and implement laws against the immoral activities. Setting visions for the society by actively engaging the society.

2. Church leaders. Spending more times on their knees, consulting and nurturing the spiritual life

3. Governments. Listens to the needs of the people. Provide more platform for our society to grow.


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